New Students

Housing Policy

All single full-time students who have not reached the age of 22 by the end of the current semester and are not living at home or with immediate relatives in the area are required to live in college residence halls.

  1. The established rates for housing apply to all housing units.
  2. Room assignments are made by the Office of Student Life.
  3. All residence hall students are automatically registered as boarding students.
  4. All students, resident and commuter, will be assigned a Bryan College e-mail address. Important announcements and messages will be sent through the Bryan College e-mail address.
  5. All students, resident and commuter, will be assigned a Bryan College mail box number.
  6. All students, resident and commuter, receive a MyBryan account. Students are able to view their billing, class schedule, the campus calendar, and track required documents on their MyBryan account.
  7. Click here for more information about Residence Hall Life.

Housing Assignments
This questionnaire is done on-line through your MyBryan account. The Office of Student Life will use the information on this form to assign you to a compatible roommate. If you have made arrangements to room with someone specific, please indicate that in the comment box of the housing section. Such requests will be honored whenever possible.

No room assignments will be made until the $200 deposit has been paid and received by Bryan College ($100 enrollment deposit + $100 room deposit) and the Student Life registration has been completed.

The first $100 deposit is the enrollment deposit.

Room assignments will be finalized during the first week of August for the Fall Semester and during the first week of January for the Spring Semester.