Up-&-Coming: New Facilities Coming For Nursing

Nursing School floor plan

Bryan College is excited to announce plans to renovate the second floor of the Livesay Learning Center to house the Clara Ward School of Nursing!

Coming soon to The Den, the second floor of the Livesay Learning Center will feature a new state-of-the-art skills lab, simulation lab, two new classrooms, two staff offices, lockers, storage room, and laundry unit.

Within the skills lab, students can expect to find hospital beds, a nurse’s station, med cart, crash cart, EKG machine, placebo medications, 3  low fidelity manikins, and specialty trainers such as an IV arm for practice.

“Our simulation lab will have at least two high-fidelity manikins to augment student learning. High-fidelity manikins are controlled by computers behind our one-way windows, and they can talk, they can sweat, their pupils will dilate and constrict, the whites of their eyes can turn yellow, and they can even give birth. Nursing faculty can design patient care scenarios with all kinds of variables so that students can learn what to do and what not to do within a safe setting where no one gets hurt,” describes Dr. Pamela Giles, Dean & Professor of the Clara Ward School of Nursing.

Two additional classrooms will be built for the purpose of providing an exceptional learning environment. One classroom will be tiered with the intention that instructors can display a manikin at the front of the classroom allowing all students to see and engage with the demonstration with ease.

Lastly, a locker area and laundry unit will be included in the new Clara Ward School of Nursing facilities for students to stow their belongings safely and provide staff access to launder linens and towels with convenience.

To learn more about the Bryan College Clara Ward School of Nursing visit https://www.bryan.edu/academics/degrees/nursing/