Dr. Joohae Kim (PAA)

Joohae Kim
Dr. Joohae Kim

Level 3 Piano


Direct Office Phone: 423-775-7282

Office: Performing Arts Academy of Bryan College


Joohae Kim, a passionate New Zealand pianist, holds a Doctor of Music degree in Piano
Performance from Florida State University. She achieved top honors during her studies at
The University of Auckland, where she earned both Bachelor’s and Master’s degrees. Joohae’s
remarkable talent has led to numerous accolades, including recognition in prestigious piano
competitions and collaborations with renowned artists and orchestras. As an Assistant
Professor of Piano at Bryan College, she shares her expertise in teaching and performing.
Joohae’s captivating recitals and performances have been showcased worldwide, including her
debut at Carnegie Hall. Beyond music, she enjoys exploring new destinations with her family.

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