There’s always something fun and life-changing happening here. Campus activities are an exciting and vital part of campus life. We offer numerous ways to stick with your favorite activities or explore new ones. 

Intramural Sports

Intramural competition at Bryan College allows students to have an outlet in which they can engage in a healthy level of competition and interact with fellow students, faculty, and staff. These events take place periodically throughout both the fall and spring semesters. 

Intramural sports include basketball, billiards, flag football, indoor volleyball, ping pong, and sand volleyball. 

Visit the Bryan College IMLeagues homepage to register and start playing!

For more information, contact

Students playing cornhole

Musical Ensembles

Bryan Music

The Bryan Chorale is the music department’s primary choral ensemble. Membership is open to music majors and non-majors by audition each fall. In addition to performing at many venues throughout the school year, the Chorale goes on tour each spring break and sings at churches, schools, and many other locations. The group’s concerts and recordings have been received enthusiastically throughout the United States and Europe, including the Lincoln Center in New York City; the Pentagon in Washington, DC; and Westminster Abbey in London.

The Bryan College Chamber Singers is a select 18-voice group that has performed nationwide, in Europe, and in the Bahamas. Their repertoire includes a wide range of styles such as classical, spirituals, gospel, and contemporary. Membership is open to music majors and non-majors by audition each fall. The Chamber Singers also perform with the Bryan Chorale. 

The Bryan Piano Ensemble is directed by Dr. Olivia Ellis. The ensemble performs a variety of styles of piano duet, trio, and quartet literature. Students from all majors (with a piano background) may apply to participate.

Hilltop Players Theatre

Bryan College’s theatre troupe has performed since 1962, with official advisory status from 1972. Recently, the troupe has flourished under the direction of theatre professor Mrs. Alexis Marsh. The program boasts a wide variety of productions, from Greek tragedy to modern mysteries.

Additionally, Hilltop Players works in tandem with the Music Department annually to produce popular musicals. 

Students of all majors may audition for roles and apply for college credit. Performances are open to the public. 

Children playing rainbow parachute game

Clubs & Organizations

The Ascenders is a recreational sports club that provides students the opportunity to engage in bouldering and rock climbing. 

President: Moses Cope

Advisor: Dr. Daniel Gates

Bryan United is a group on campus dedicated to uniting students in Christ through powerful and meaningful worship. Meetings are held weekly in Rudd 109. Musicians and non-musicians alike are welcome!

Presidents: Shaphan Bates and Laura McElyea

American Society of Civil Engineers – ASCE

The ASCE at Bryan College is nationally and regionally affiliated with the global ASCE community. As part of the ASCE, students are provided the education to enhance their civil engineering knowledge and professional networking opportunities. 

President: Russel Green

Advisor: Dr. Casey Jones

American Society of Mechanical Engineers – ASME

The ASME at Bryan College is nationally and regionally affiliated with the global ASME community. As part of the ASME, students are provided the education to enhance their civil engineering knowledge and professional networking opportunities.

President: Jacob Mann

Advisor: Dr. Reagan Kinser

Society of Automotive Engineers – SAE

SAE is affiliated with the Society of Automotive Engineers International. As part of SAE, students are provided a community of like-minded students and the opportunity to put their automotive engineering skills into action.

President: Olivia Erny

Advisor: Brian Heskitt

Society of Women Engineers/Mili-Women Mentors – SWE

SWE is a club dedicated to developing women leaders in the stem field as well as serving the Bryan student community through building career skills and networking opportunities. SWE, while lead by women, is gender-inclusive and is open to all students in the STEM field.

President: Raelynn Van Heuken

Advisor: Dr. Lyle Smith

The Bryan College Chess Club exists to encourage the playing of chess in recreational, intercollegiate, and tournament settings. We aim to create an atmosphere of friendly competition that will serve to not only improve chess skills but also create lasting friendships. Meetings are Friday evenings from 5:00pm-6:00pm in Common Grounds. 

President: Jacob Caplinger

Advisor: Dr. Neil Doran

The Robotics Club was created to develop team-building skills for those preparing to enter the engineering world through building and competing for intricate robots.

President: Chandler Hinson

Advisor: Dr. Geoff Knowles

The Bryan College Debate Team competes in Parliamentary Debate at a variety of schools in East Tennessee.

President: Joshua Bianchi

Advisor: Michael Palmer

The Bryan College Orchestra Club is a gathering of students who play a band or orchestra instrument for the purpose of encouraging community and creating art through ensemble music. They rehearse Tuesdays and Thursdays 6:30-7:30 in Rudd 112. Please contact Laurel McLaughlin for more information.

President: Laurel McLaughlin

Advisor: Allyson Underwood

The Bryan College Astronomy Club is a group dedicated to surveying God’s handiwork in space. We have monthly meetings outdoors in the quad. 

President: Theodore Beaty

The Bryan Triangle

The Bryan Triangle seeks to honor God and find the truth. Students the opportunity to gain experience writing articles for a digital newspaper. This opportunity looks great on a resume and strengthens your abilities in writing, editing and interviewing. The Triangle is a source of both on and off campus news for the Bryan community.