Summer Institute

Summer Institute 2023

July 9-15, 2023

The Summer Institute is a week-long summer immersion program for high school students. During their week at the Summer Institute, students will be challenged in their walks with the Lord, experience college life, and earn college credit!

Registration for the Summer Institute is open!

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Our program is designed to equip students with biblical practices that can be adopted into the normal aspects of their lives at home and school; creating a foundation for long-term discipleship to Jesus.

Deeply Rooted Discipleship

At the Bryan College Summer Institute, we are committed to providing each student with a meaningful experience that will help each student develop a holistic view of discipleship and the habits needed to live a Christ-centered life.

Expand and deepen your understanding of a robust life with Christ by organizing your days around time-tested Christian practices.

Cultivate new friendships with like-minded students and camp leaders that will empower you to be the person God has called you to be.

Learn the key qualities and habits that will help you influence the world around you.

Program Practices

  • Learn & Practice
  • Silence & Solitude
  • Corporate Worship
  • Sabbath/Rest
  • Prayer

Small Groups

  • Led by a Counselor
  • Debrief Sessions
  • Meaningful Relationships with Other Students

Important Information

December 31, 2022Last day to get the End of Year pricing of $695
April 30, 2023Last day to get Early Bird pricing of $725
Last day to receive a full refund. If a student withdraws by April 30th, they will receive a full refund. Please note that if you withdraw on May 1, you will only receive a partial refund.
May 12, 2023Last day to receive a partial refund. If a student withdraws by May 12th, they will receive a partial refund. Please note that if you withdraw on May 13th, you will not be eligible for a refund.
June 30, 2023Last day to register for the 2023 Summer Institute
July 9, 2023Summer Institute begins! A detailed schedule of events will be sent out closer to the time!

We Value Safety. Our highest priority is keeping your students safe. There are several ways we seek to prioritize safety: the use of nametags, the buddy system, and the presence of Summer Institute Staff. All individuals associated with the Summer Institute will wear name tags to indicate they are a part of this program. We also utilize the buddy system: no student should ever be alone. Students are not allowed to be alone with a member of the opposite gender. If guys and girls are together, there must always be 3+ students in the group. Furthermore, guys and girls are not allowed to be in the opposite gender’s dorm at any point in time. Finally, the Summer Institute prioritizes safety by having staff present at every activity, session, mealtime, and time in class.

We value Presence over Phones. We believe it is very important for students to be fully engaged and present throughout the week. Thus, students are allowed to have their phones, but we ask that they keep them up at all times.

We value Meaningful Connection over Unintentional Time Together. We value the content being taught in the discipleship sessions as well as in the academic tracks. Therefore, students are asked to be on time for all sessions and academic tracks. Not only will this honor the time and energy the speakers spent preparing the content, but this will also allow students to deeply engage with the content being taught.

We value Encouragement over Discouragement. We recognize the power that words hold. Thus, all Summer Institute participants are expected to use their words to encourage others, rather than to put others down.

We value Curious Questions over Assumptions. At the Summer Institute, students will come from a spectrum of different faith traditions. We desire to create an environment where students feel the freedom to ask curious questions instead of making assumptions. Staff members are eager to discuss and answer any questions that students have, and thus will make themselves available to do so!


Summer Institute
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