Campus Life at Bryan

Life at Bryan

Integrity. Respect. Responsibility. Servanthood.

At Bryan College, we believe that the development of the whole person is crucial to a quality education. We are committed to cultivating a community that encourages spiritual and relational growth as well as academic development. 

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Engagement & Activities

Whether you’re on the field or behind the curtain, there is something for you at Bryan. Learn how you can be involved, show school spirit, and make the most of your time here.

Christian Formation

Christian Formation at Bryan College focuses on students’ holistic spiritual growth. Staff and faculty at Bryan walk alongside students in this process, and the Christian Formation team seeks to engage the head, hearts, and hands of students. Our hope is that as students learn about Jesus, they are passionate about their relationship with Him and live this out in their lives and communities. Christian Formation is composed of Chapel, Spiritual Development, and ENGAGE.

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MOSAIC exists to support and enhance the academic mission of the college by educating the Bryan community to become more culturally competent and related to the myriad of people, tribes, and nations that compose the kingdom of God.

Scripture tells us that with his blood, Christ has purchased for God people “from every tribe and language and people and nation.” We are also told that the body of Christ is made up of many different parts, but they all form one body.  It paints a beautiful picture composed of people of different backgrounds, ethnicities, abilities, gifts, talents, and languages coming together to form the kingdom of God. 

A mosaic is like that. We take beautiful pieces of stone or glass that separately may not look like much. But put them all together and they form a beautiful picture.

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Performing Arts Season

Bryan College boasts a wide variety of performances yearly that showcase Bryan talent in theatre, chorale, and chamber singers. Performances often feature faculty and guest performers in addition to students. Plays, musicals, concerts, and recitals are open for public viewing.

Tickets for our 2022-2023 season can be purchased by calling the box office 423.775.7498 or can also be purchased online.

Residence Life

Among the outstanding facilities on campus are a new cardio gym; a library and study center with spectacular mountain views; a great dining facility with made-to-order cuisine; one of the region’s finest theaters; two coffee shops; six residence halls; and a remodeled gymnasium.

You can also take a short drive, and within 30 minutes you’re in the middle of downtown Chattanooga, one of the South’s most vibrant cities.


New to Campus?

Our goal is to put you in the best position to succeed and grow through your college years, academically, personally, spiritually, and professionally!

Move-in Day will take place on August 21st with Orientation taking place on August 21st-22nd. If you are an incoming athlete involved in a fall sport (soccer/volleyball), contact your coach as you may have an earlier move-in date.

Orientation is a way to meet your new classmates, connect within your dorm, and get to know Bryan before classes start. Everything you need to know about campus life will be touched on during orientation. Plus, it’s a lot of fun with dorm and campus activities designed to help you connect with others in casual and enjoyable ways!

The Orientation Schedule will be posted in the coming months. Check the below link for updates!

View Dates and Schedule

Required Forms

All incomplete documents are due before your arrival on campus.

Log in to MyBryan and click on the link that says “You have Incomplete Documents.”

You MUST fill out all of the applicable information related to the following:

Housing/Commuter Intent Form

After paying the Enrollment Deposit, all new students are required to complete the Housing/Commuter Intent Form. This form will also provide the additional forms needed to be approved as a Commuter or to be assigned to campus housing if you plan to be a Resident student.

Housing Questionnaire

New students will be assigned a room and a roommate once the Housing Reservation Fee has been paid and the Housing Questionnaire has been completed. Housing assignments begin in May. Room assignments will be visible on MyBryan at least 10 days before arrival day for those who have paid the Housing Reservation Fee and completed the Housing Questionnaire before August 1.

Immunization Record

Tennessee state law requires us to have on file a copy of your immunization records, which must include 2 doses of MMR and 2 doses of varicella (or medically documented proof of chickenpox disease or immunity.) To complete your immunization information please upload your records online or fax your immunizations to 423-775-7199. Please use a JPG, PNG, or another picture format when uploading the file.

Additional Forms

Although not a required form, it is recommended that you understand the FERPA and its importance for students to share their educational information with their parents/guardians.

Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act (FERPA) for Financial Aid

Records created and maintained by the Financial Aid Office and Business Office are considered to be education records and may not be disclosed without the student’s consent. This form grants permission to the Financial Aid Office to disclose financial aid information to contacts of the student’s choice.

Family Education Rights and Privacy Act (FERPA) for Academics

A student waiver statement must be submitted to the Office of the Registrar if you wish to have your educational records available for access by your parent(s) or legal guardian.

Parking permits for the 2022-23 school term are now available for purchase. All enrolled students are charged a $150.00 parking fee for the year. You must still register your vehicle information in order to receive your parking permit. If you upgrade to Premium parking, you will be charged a $150 parking fee with a $50 up-charge for premium.

If you are not bringing a vehicle on campus for the 2022-23 Academic year and would like to have the fee removed contact Donna Belisle, Student Services

Once your room and roommate have been assigned, you can find it on MyBryan under your username | About Me. We expect to have all roommate assignments done by early August at the latest. (That is if you have paid your Housing Reservation Fee!)

For any questions related to Housing, email

Students who live in Bryan housing are assigned a mailbox during their undergrad college career. Once assigned, your mailbox number and combination will appear on your MyBryan under Student | Mailbox. The address people will send your mail to is as follows: 

Your Name
Bryan College [Box Number]
721 Bryan Drive
Dayton, TN37321

The Mailroom can be found on the first floor of Mercer (Room #104).

New students often request a list of items that they should bring to college. Here is a good list of basics:

It is a good idea to contact your roommate before your move so you don’t end up bringing duplicate items (refrigerator, microwave, etc.)  We also recommend that you wait and purchase many of these items after you arrive (we have a Walmart nearby).

Home Items

  • Extra blanket
  • Clothes hangers
  • Laundry hamper
  • Laundry detergent (Laundry Pods are convenient), stain remover
  • Two towels
  • Shower caddy, shower shoes
  • Trash Can (Large is recommended)
  • Water filter (Brita, Pur)
  • Shoe rack/organization
  • Lounge chair (optional)


  • TV
  • Mini Fridge
  • Computer/Laptop
  • Microwave
  • Power Strip (with a surge protector)
  • Desk lamp and/or bedside lamp
  • Coffee maker (with auto shut off)
  • HDMI cord 

Bedding (for a Twin XL bed; (39″ x 80″ x 7″ thick mattress))

  • Pillows
  • Sheets/comforter
  • Mattress pad

If you are in a suite-style dorm (Arnold, Woodlee), we recommend you bring the following:

  • Bath Mat
  • Bathroom organization
  • Over-the-door towel hangers
  • Basic bathroom cleaning supplies 
  • Bathroom wastebasket

Decor (Optional)

  • Wall decorations, posters
  • Alternative lighting (e.g. string lights)
  • Adhesive hooks (Command Strips) or tacky adhesive
  • Area rug
  • Plants

Misc. (Optional)

  • Pushpins for your room’s bulletin board
  • Plastic bowl/plate/cutlery
  • Larger bowl (for popcorn, etc.)
  • Coffee mug and travel mug
  • Dish towel, dish soap, sponge
  • Multi-Purpose cleaner/Glass Cleaner
  • Fan
  • Mini-Vacuum/Broom/Swiffer
  • Umbrella

The following items are not permitted on campus.

  • Airsoft guns
  • George Foreman grills, irons, or any other electrical device that does not have an automatic shutoff
  • Any appliance with exposed heating coils
  • Halogen lights
  • Toaster/Toaster ovens
  • Oil popcorn poppers
  • Candles/open flame devices
  • Pets (except fish)

Experience Life at Bryan

The best way to see what life is really like at Bryan is to come visit us on campus!