Residence Life

Residence Life

Under the direction of the Residence Life Staff, residence hall life plays a major role in the educational process. Each student is challenged to increase social skills, make new and lasting relationships, examine new ideas, learn new skills, and adjust to new and different situations and people.

Our Mission

Residence Life

Bryan College Residence Life is guided by our Core Values: Student Care, Student Safety, Student Success, and Student Engagement. We know that Jesus came and gave up his life, “coming not to be served but to serve (Matthew 20:28),” so we desire to model that servant-leadership in the way we do our work. Primarily, we exist to glorify the Lord through our commitment to Him and the way we love and serve those around us. For Residence Life, this has a direct impact on the way we love and serve the students entrusted to us in our residential buildings. We desire to offer physical & mental care to students, a safe living space for residents, an environment that promotes academic and life success, and opportunities for students to engage with peers around campus.

Student Care

The Bryan College Residence Life Staff is committed to caring for all students at Bryan College and being a steady presence in the Residence Hall. We also recognize that some situations might arise that could require professional attention. The Residence Life Staff works side-by-side with the Dean of Student Support & Care, as well as Bryan College’s Counseling Services. Together we seek to care for students holistically. 

Student Safety

The Residence Life team is trained to handle emergency situations (i.e. health emergencies, natural disasters, threats to safety) around campus. Residence Life partners with school security and local law enforcement to provide the safest environment for students to thrive. 

Student Success

Residence Life recognizes the importance of each student’s academic endeavors and success. Residence Life is committed to being a resource for students. Resident Assistants often provide insight to newer students and walk alongside them as they navigate a new academic environment. Furthermore, Residence Life partners with the Academic Resource Center (The ARC) to connect students with advising professionals. Residence Life acknowledges that success most frequently happens in good communities. Our hope is that students mature in relationships that are developed in and through the community, we foster on campus.

Student Engagement

Residence Life partners with the Coordinator of Student Engagement and the Student Engagement team to facilitate different activities on campus. The Residence Life Staff also coordinates programming in the hall and in the dorm. Between the Residence Life and Student Engagement teams, students will be given the opportunity to participate in events and gatherings on a weekly basis.

We believe that we are able to operate in our core values through the empowerment of the Holy Spirit, the prioritization of solid relationships, and through the personal sacrifice of living a team-focused life. 


In Christian circles, the term discipleship is often used flippantly. Throughout the course of the year, RAs will learn what it means to disciple and how to disciple others. Resident Directors will seek to model that to their RAs by using the discipleship square:

  1. I Do, You Watch
  2. I Do, You Help
  3. You Do, I Help
  4. You Do, I Celebrate

It is the RD’s goal to mobilize RAs to make disciples who make disciples.

Leadership Development

Throughout the course of the academic year, Resident Directors walk through a leadership development program with their Resident Assistants. This leadership development program is broken down into four units: personal leadership, team leadership, application, and reflection. 

  1. Resident Assistants will learn more about their strengths and weaknesses. They will learn to lead out of their strengths and grow in their awareness of where they can grow. They will learn to lead confidently, graciously, and humbly. 
  2. Resident Assistants will learn how to lead within the context of working on a team. During this unit, RAs will learn that leadership is needed aside from the boss’s chair. Regardless of position or rank, RAs will learn the importance of leading and collaborating as a team. 
  3. Going into the spring semester, Resident Assistants will begin to apply the training they received in the fall. RAs will be in charge of developing a campus-wide event or initiative in the spring where they will learn to apply personal and team leadership skills
  4. Reflection – After Spring Break, RAs will spend time discussing and reflecting on the previous three units. During this time, the Residence Life Staff will spend a lot of time in dialogue about the process. There will be discussions on successes, failures, and lessons learned.

Residence Life seeks to equip young leaders to use the gifts that God has given them for the purpose of building His Kingdom. Our hope is that they leave their time at Bryan as more dedicated disciples who exemplify the person of Christ, and who go and make a difference in the lives of the people around them.

During my freshman year, there was an RA who was not my RA, but she went out of her way so much to make me feel so welcomed. She included me in her hall activities because she knew a lot of my close friends lived on her hall. She would come to our soccer games with a megaphone and a poster board with all of our names on it just to support us.

— Emily Karnes

Resident Assistant  |  Management  |  Class of 2023


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