New Student FAQs

Frequently Asked Questions for New Students

How do I order my textbooks?

You can find your list of textbooks on your MyBryan Account under Student > Textbooks. The best way to get textbooks is by ordering/renting them online. Some methods students have used in the past are Amazon Textbook Rental, Chegg, Kindle, ordering them used on Amazon/Ebay, or through whatever site has the best deal! As an added tip, use a price comparison site like BookFinder!

How do I pay my bill or check on my Financial Aid?

The Business Office can assist you with bill payments or setting up a payment plan for the semester.
Please see the Billing FAQs @Payment Center » Bryan College | Dayton, TN for details and deadlines.
Further questions? Call 423-775-7214 or email

If you have questions about your Financial Aid, choose Financial Aid in the drop-down list or contact

Do I need to bring a laptop or printer?

I.T. Services recommends bringing a Windows based laptop with you if you can. Apple laptops are acceptable, but are not as easily integrated into some courses. Chromebooks and tablets are strongly discouraged as many courses are incompatible with these devices. While we provide some public computers, it is far more convenient to have access to your own device. As far as printers are concerned, you will have access to printers all over campus and will be allotted free print credits to use throughout the year. As an added tip, you can get a free Microsoft Office 365 license through the school if you need it. Simply go to and sign in with your Bryan Username and password. If you have any issues, contact I.T. Help Services at

What if I am having problems logging into MyBryan or Brightspace?

I.T. Help Services are one of your biggest and best resources at Bryan when it comes to issues such as these. Contact them at or call 423-775-7333. Once you get on campus, you will be able to go to their offices for assistance in person!

Can I bring a TV or a game system?

The quick answer is yes! However, if you wish to play/stream online, your device must be able to connect wirelessly. Our wireless access will allow streaming services so you can watch or play your favorites.

If I have food allergies, who do I contact about the meal plan?

Reach out to A.J. Caudill at

Who do I contact about accommodations for my disabilities?

You need to contact Bryan’s ADA Coordinator (Hannah Schultz) as soon as possible to let her talk you through the process of arranging things to assist you in the areas needed. Contact: or 423-775-7173.

Where do I get mail and packages at college?

Each student who lives in the dorm is assigned a mailbox to receive outside mail. Once assigned, your mailbox number and combination will appear on your MyBryan under Student > Mailbox. The address people will send your mail to is as follows:

Your Name
Bryan College [Box Number]
721 Bryan Dr.
Dayton, TN 37321

What size are the beds?

Twin Extra-Long.

How do I find out who my roommate is?

Once your room/roommate has been assigned, you can find it on MyBryan under your username > About Me. We expect to have all roommate assignments done by July 31st at the latest. (That is if you have paid your Housing Fee!) For any questions related to Housing, email

When is Orientation/Move-In Day?

Move-in Day is currently scheduled for Monday, August 21. Please go to for the Orientation Schedule and details related to Orientation.

What do I pack for my dorm room?

Check out this video for more information on what you can pack for your dorm room! You can also go to to find helpful links and resources.