Dr. Michael Finch

Michael Finch
Dr. Michael Finch

Dissertation Committee Member

Academic Degrees
  • Ph.D. Communication, Regent University, Virginia Beach, VA
  • M.A. Journalism, Regent University, Virginia Beach, VA
  • B.A. EQV, Biblical Studies and Missiology, Elim Bible Institute, Lima, NY


Research Experience: Qualitative analysis (can be applied diversely), particularly phenomenological or
grounded theory analysis/in-depth interviews (again, can be applied diversely),
focus-group grounded research, rhetorical analysis.

Future Research: In this particular context, I would like to do research regarding message resistance –
however, I truly enjoy mentoring students – helping them develop quality research
questions, and then helping them create a system to answer the Research Question(s).

More Info: I’ve enjoyed chairing master’s and bachelor’s theses.