Online FAQ

How do I get started?

  1. You do not need to be officially admitted into the degree completion program in order to take our online electives.  You may take classes as a non-degree student.
  2. Click here for complete registration details.  

Is Bryan's online program asynchronous vs. synchronous?

Online programs through Bryan College can be completed when convenient for the student and are asynchronous. There are no requirements for synchronous assignments.

How many online courses are taken at a time?

Multiple online courses may be taken simultaneously. Each course lasts 5-7 weeks.

How do I buy textbooks?

Textbooks can be purchased through our bookstore by clicking here.

How do I get technical assistance?

  • For technical help with the online course:  Contact the Learning House Help Center at 1.866.259.4329 or click on the Help Center box on the upper left corner of the class website for login assistance.
  • For technical help with Bryan email or eStudent account:  Contact the Bryan College Help Desk at 1.800.277.9522 ext. 333 or
  • For password reset (used to access Bryan email, eStudent account, and Library resources):  Reset your password here.

Do students have access to library resources?

Yes, you can log in to the library using your Bryan College eStudent username and password.  Bookmark this link:

How do I submit a change of address?

If you need a change of address please email from your current Bryan College student email account.

How do I submit assignments?

All assignments will be submitted through the online learning portal for each course.

Do we have quizzes?

There are quizzes associated with online courses. These quizzes test your knowledge from reading the previous week's material.

How are courses graded?

Each course will be graded independently. It will be important that you locate this information on your instructor’s syllabus.

When will I get my final grade?

Final grades are posted 10 days after the final day of the course.

How do I obtain a transcript?

Transcripts can be obtained from our records office. The transcript request form is located here.

How do I withdraw from a course?

You can withdraw from a course by contacting your Student Services Coordinator:

If you don't know which Student Services Coordinator is yours, please contact Benton Jones.

There are no refunds available for withdrawal once a course has begun.