Faculty Highlight – Dr. Benton Jones

Benton Jones

Factory to Faculty: Dr. Benton Jones's Inspiring Journey

Dr. Benton Jones has a remarkable journey from working in factories to teaching at colleges. He started his education at a local community college while already balancing marriage and a full-time job. After attending for a semester, he took a hiatus from school for eight years, he returned to finish his associate degree. His learning path included online and traditional classes, giving him a strong foundation for his future.

Moving through different roles in teaching and administration, Jones stayed dedicated to both teaching and industry. His unconventional trajectory, culminating in a doctorate, positioned him as an Assistant Professor, overseeing the Doctor of Business Administration program. Drawing from his industrial background, Jones pioneers innovative teaching methods, employing tangible tools like Legos to teach complex concepts, underscoring the transformative power of active learning.

Looking back on his journey, Jones highlights how important education is in shaping careers. He believes that higher education is beneficial for people to become well-rounded and ready for diverse jobs. His and his wife’s success stories, supported by their education, show how colleges can help people succeed in their careers and personal development.

We are so grateful for Dr. Jones and all he brings to us at Bryan College! Check him out on LinkedIn for great connections, job opportunities, and more!