Letter from President Dr. Doug Mann – Greece Trip 2024


Join us on a journey of a lifetime! 🌍

Dear Friends,

I’m so excited to share that Susi and I are hosting a once-in-a-lifetime trip to Greece this October to visit the actual sites where the Apostle Paul traveled! 

I would love for you to experience this too. Just imagine – we’ll stand on Mars Hill, where Paul debated the philosophers, walk the stone streets of ancient Corinth, where he nurtured the church, and stroll the river banks of Philippi, where Lydia was baptized. In between, we’ll talk for hours about our faith while soaking in the Mediterranean views!

This trip would mean so much more to Susi and me if you traveled with us! Consider joining us on this transformative journey as we walk in the footsteps of the apostle Paul. Even if you can’t make it, I’d appreciate your prayers.

For more information, visit: https://www.bryan.edu/greece-trip-october-2024/


Doug and Susi