Kathy Courtright '81

Major   Christian Education
Favorite Professor
  Coach Jane Tayloe

Kathy Courtright was attending Dallas Bible College when she first heard about Bryan College through a network of missionary kids. It was 1979 and she had finished her sophomore year at DBC. Jumping in a borrowed car, she drove all the way from Dallas to Dayton, TN, and instantly fell in love with Bryan. "I loved the small campus atmosphere," she said.

Kathy not only connected with students, she also formed bonds with faculty and staff members. At that time, Karen Traylor was the resident director of Huston. During her time at Bryan, Kathy grew close to the Traylors; and as a result, she said, "We've gone back to visit them many times over the years."

When Kathy recalled the education she received at Bryan, she said she could clearly see how her Bryan education helped her adapt to her vocation later in life. "It prepared me to go into the mission field."

Courtright Family, Christmas 2010
Being at Bryan wasn't all schoolwork for Kathy, however. She fondly remembers that "Campus life was so much fun!" As a student, Kathy spent a lot of her time hanging out in the Lion's Den with friends. She also worked in the kitchen. "We had so much fun back there," she recalled, referencing different games and contests the students would engage in to make working more enjoyable. Kathy was also a member of the women's volleyball team, having walked on as a junior when she first enrolled at Bryan. It was through being on the volleyball team that she met her future husband, Allan Courtright. A junior himself, he was acting as a student coach for the volleyball team. Kathy said, "I was determined not to date anyone when I first transferred, but…" And the rest is history, as they say.

Kathy graduated in December of 1981, and she and Allen were married in Dallas the following year. A year after they were married, they both applied to work with Wycliffe Bible Translators. In 1983 they joined Wycliffe, where they spent the next 15 years serving together. Kathy worked as a graphic design artist in the print shop, a skill she taught herself on the job.

It was during this time that Kathy and Allan added several more little members to their family. Kim, the oldest, is now 27. Having attended Bryan College herself, Kim greatly impacted future Bryan students by setting the precedent for the option of completing the student teaching requirement overseas. Katrina (25), Josh (24), and Joe (22) all also attended Bryan College. Thanks to their children, Kathy and Allan's influence on Bryan College extended well beyond their own time spent there!

Kim Courtright with kids on the mission field
After working with Wycliffe for 15 years, Kathy, along with her family, found herself posted in Charlotte, N.C., training other missionaries to go into the field. It was during this time that Kathy and Allan got involved with sports once again through Missionary Athletes International (MAI), that seeks "to communicate the message of Jesus Christ through the environment of soccer." Kathy explained, "It was a better fit for our family and kids." Kathy and her husband joined MAI and began working with the soccer program, a position they have served in for the past 12 years.

When considering how Bryan College impacted her life, Kathy jokingly remarked, "I found a husband!" More seriously she added, "It was very influential in preparing me for future service. It helped equip me for working with people. And we've also kept up with a lot of friends from Bryan!" From leading her to Allan, to equipping her with an excellent education, to giving her many fun memories, Bryan College has enriched Kathy Courtright's life.