Connecting to BCInternet

According to Bryan College Operations Policy, Information Technology Services personnel are prohibited while on duty from working on equipment not owned and maintained by Bryan College.

DISCLAIMER: BCInternet is provided "as is" without any technical support or liability from the Bryan College Information Technology Services. Bryan College is not responsible for any damage that could happen to your computer hardware or software. Neither is Bryan College responsible for any inappropriate or illegal information transactions made through BCInternet. Please refer to the Acceptable Use Policy found in your student handbook for appropriate uses of Bryan College technology resources.

Technical Note:

BCInternet utilizes Dynamic Host Control Protocol, or DHCP, to assign IP addresses to computers. If your operating system is not described in this manual you should configure your NIC to use DHCP. You'll know that you've gotten a valid IP address if it is in the following range:

What is BCInternet?

BCInternet is provided by Information Technology Services of Bryan College for students, faculty, and staff to access the Internet through wireless connections by using their personal computers. BCInternet provides filtered web access as well as most other commonly used Internet applications* (i.e. instant messaging, webmail, client-side file transfer, etc.). BCInternet is not an extension of BryanNet, but rather an additional service provided by Information Technology Services. While BryanNet Webmail (Faculty and Staff) and Student Webmail (Students) can be accessed through BCInternet, access to one's home files and other BryanNet resources is not supported.

*Not all Internet applications are supported.  Uses which consume a disproportionately large amount of bandwidth such as video conferencing, voice chat, peer-to-peer file sharing, excessively large file downloads (ISO images, movies, etc.) are discouraged, if not prohibited.

Where can I connect my computer to BCInternet?

BCInternet is available in sections of Mercer Hall, the LibraryAnderson Bible Annex, Art House, Rankin Center, Rhea House, Rudd Auditorium, Summers GymStudent Life Center, and all on-campus dormitory facilities, including the Townhouses.

You must have a wireless network interface card (PC Card, PCI card, or USB adapter) compatible with 2.4GHz 802.11b (11 Mbps) installed on your computer for wireless access. You may purchase a wireless network interface card at any electronics or office supply store. Neither the Bookstore nor Information Technology Services will be selling these cards Only portable computers (i.e. notebooks, laptops, PDA's, etc.) may be used in the Library facilities to access BCInternet but you may use your personal desktop or portable computer in your room.