Kathryn Rawley, 08

Major          Politics and Government

Career       Regional Sales Manager for Augusta Seed Corn 

Kathryn Rawley, ’08, says she didn’t choose Bryan College, but rather, “Bryan College chose me.” In choosing a college, a strong volleyball program and Christ-centered Christian environment were her top qualifications, and after visiting a dozen other schools, she came to Bryan.
“From the moment I stepped onto the campus, I knew that it was different,” said Kathryn. “I immediately knew that God had led me here for a reason. The students were friendly and welcoming, the professors I encountered had a passion for their profession, and I immediately had a connection with members of the volleyball team when I practiced with them. I call it a ‘heaven opened and angels sang’ moment of my life.”
While at Bryan, Kathryn prepared for her career by building a strong foundation in both her education and faith. She said, “My time at Bryan reinforced my Christian principles from childhood and equipped me with the knowledge and education to begin my career. It did not take me long once I entered the workforce to realize how much of an advantage I had over others my age because of the strong education I received.”
Bryan’s personable professors shaped Kathryn’s college experience, and the relationships built with faculty members opened doors of opportunity. Colonel Ron Petitte paved the way for her to earn an internship with Walt Disney World, and later, Dr. Petitte supported Kathryn’s efforts to study abroad in Oxford, England.
“The Colonel always encouraged me to dig deeper and find out why something was the way it was,” she said. “He did not simply teach me about government, but he went further and taught me to open my mind and gain a deeper understanding of the intricacies of politics and government in America and around the world.”
After graduating, Kathryn put her Politics and Government degree to work right away – she even moved to Washington, D.C., before obtaining a job. Her time at Bryan and recommendations from professors helped her to earn a position as a staff assistant.
“I was completely immersed in the legislative process on the national level while serving in this position,” she said.
Her role as staff assistant set the stage for Kathryn’s next position in Senator John McCain’s presidential campaign. Within one week of starting her new job, she was sent to Virginia to open and manage a county’s first campaign office. There, Kathryn learned about giving her all in a hard-fought campaign.
“I recruited volunteers, scheduled high-profile events, and managed door knocking and phone banking in my county. Like most other campaigns, when a person signs on he or she eats, sleeps, and breathes that campaign until Election Day. The benefit is that you know, win or lose, that you have given everything you have to the cause,” she said.
Following the presidential campaign, Kathryn served Virginia State Delegate Jackson Miller as his chief of staff. While being chief of staff required her to serve in a number of roles, one of the most rewarding parts of the job for Kathryn was “being able to help constituents in her district work through governmental red tape.”
Today, Kathryn has returned to Georgia soil and now works for her family’s business, Augusta Seed Corn, as Regional Sales Manager. 
“I served at Delegate Miller’s office for almost two years and decided I wanted to make a change. Politics was my passion, but I know I wanted to explore my options for a career,” she said.
In this current position, the majority of her time is spent traveling “from farm to farm to meet with customers regarding their corn crops,” and representing the company in a number of venues.
“I moved back to Georgia because I wanted to get back to my roots,” said Kathryn. “I grew up helping with the family business of selling corn and I really enjoyed the personal aspect of the job. It did and still does require daily contact with customers who rely on me to help them make decisions for their farms. If I’m not cutting edge with my knowledge, the results for them could be devastating.”
As Kathryn looks ahead to the future, she has no regrets, and knows that her “strong educational background and references from Bryan” assisted her early success.
“I am very happy with where I am in life, and my main goal is to continue pursuing the path God has for me,” she said.