Safe water becomes Gospel tool
September 22, 2005

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More than 1.1 billion people lack access to safe drinking water, and a billion people do not have access to the Word of God – the Water of Life – a situation that has led an American inventor to develop a water-based ministry, New Life International.

Duvon McGuire told a Bryan audience Thursday that the water treatment device he developed generates chlorine gas and other disinfectants using table salt, water and a 12-volt battery. The device can treat up to 55 gallons per minute, provide an quick, economical water treatment system for whole villages.

“Water purification is not an end in itself,” he said. “Sanitation, medical help, nutritional aspects go into making a well-rounded economic development program. But when it comes to sustainable community development, a Christian approach is what the world needs.”

His water purification device helps even remote areas produce potable water and in that way becomes a tool for evangelism.

As Christians are using his process in 54 countries, they are having the opportunity to introduce unsaved neighbors to Jesus Christ as they help meet their needs for water.

Mr. McGuire is pictured at right above with Bryan President Dr. Stephen D. Livesay.