2007 Operational Relationships

The Partnership for Families, Children and Adults – Assisted Bryan College as an “educational partner” along with Rotary Clubs in Chattanooga and Fernandina Beach and Naples North, Florida to assist the Duha Crisis Center in Bratislava. Slovakia  January 2007
Micah’s Place (Fernandina Beach, Florida) - Crisis center and grant writing training for Bryan College intern for the Slovak Crisis Center Project.  May 2007
Romanian Evangelical Medical Mission – Bryan College assistance with the reorganizing of living space arrangements for children at the REMM orphanage.  February  March 2007
The Rotary Club of Chattanooga, Tennessee the Rotary Club of Fernandina Beach, Florida, the Rotary Club of Naples North, Florida and the International Rotary Club of Bratislava, Slovakia – Financial and oversight assistance to transform the Duha Crisis Center in Bratislava, Slovakia into a multi-functional facility.
Ooltewah Global Studies Academy – Bryan College assisted the Academy by providing five international lecturers who lectured on issues relating to business, politics and social issues.
Scenic Land School – Provided training in Chattanooga for Slovak Special Education teachers on dyslexia and other common learning disabilities.  November 2007
Signal Centers – Provided an overview of up to date practices for educating handicapped children for Special Education teachers from Trnava, Slovakia. Conducted a special session on how technology can be designed and utilized in the classroom for those who are handicapped.  November 2007
Naples Shelter for Abused Women and Children (Naples, Florida) – Provided training and an organizational review for the Duha Shelter in Bratislava, Slovakia.  November 2007
Jan Hus Foundation and the Slovak Platform for Non-governmental Agencies (Bratislava, Slovakia) – Organized projects with Bryan for the Duha Shelter, Scenic Land School and Comenius University.
Greater Europe Mission – Assisted Bryan College in organizing projects for Hradec Kralove University, Masaryk University, the NATO bases in Prague, Brno and Vysko and Brno area corporations.