January 2014 Students of the Month

Alexus Howerton, Piano
Teacher: Mrs. Linda Barger
Grade: 10th

Alexus entered Mrs. Barger’s studio as an intermediate level piano student in summer 2013.   Remarkably, Alexus had only taken one year of piano lessons in 7th grade prior to starting with Mrs. Barger, thus reaching the intermediate level mostly on her own.  She continues to show great diligence with her music and practices at least an hour every day in spite of a heavy academic schedule and involvement in her high school band. 
According to her teacher, Alexus “definitely has a positive attitude about lessons.  She loves music, and if I have to cancel a lesson, she is very disappointed.  She is always receptive to my instructions.”
Alexus recently performed in one of the BCCMS Christmas recitals and attended the BCCMS Piano Masterclass as an audience member. 
Elizabeth Lindley, Voilin
Teacher: Ms. Kristen Underwood
Grade: 5th
Elizabeth has not once missed her teacher’s weekly practice goal since she began lessons five months ago!  Most weeks she completes more days/time than her teacher requires. Even over Christmas break, when her teacher did not require any practice time, she practiced five or six days every week without any prompting from her parents.
According to her teacher, Elizabeth “loves to play music. She is excited about her lessons and is not afraid to ask questions if she does not understand something. She takes correction very well and applies the corrections. If I correct some technique during a lesson, the very next lesson it is fixed. “
Elizabeth recently performed in one of the BCCMS Christmas recitals, and has attended several performances.
Lee Webb, Voice
Teacher: Mrs. Alicia Roberts
Grade: 9th
Lee is a dedicated and hard working student who has been taking voice lessons for 7 months.  He consistently exceeds the weekly practice time set for him by his teacher and even continued practicing over Christmas break though his teacher did not require this! 
According to his teacher, Lee “always comes to his lessons prepared with questions and enthusiastically accepts suggestions and criticism, even when it comes to his own song writing. He remembers everything I tell him and implements techniques. He is very eager to learn all he can, and our lessons always fly by.”
Lee recently sang in Christmas performances at his church and is constantly writing his own music.  He attended the BCCMS Vocal Masterclass as an observer.