'Inherit the Truth' premieres Saturday at Bryan
March 25, 2008

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Bryan College will conclude its annual Heritage Week on March 29, at 7:30 p.m. with the premiere of “Inherit the Truth,” the film version of the reenactment of the Scopes Trial.
Dr. Richard Cornelius, co-chairman of the Heritage Week planning committee, said, “‘Inherit the Wind,’ a Hollywood fiction that many people believe to be about the Scopes Trial, had its premiere in Dayton in 1960, so it is only fitting that a historically factual account of the trial have its premiere here as well.”
The movie was filmed at the Rhea County Courthouse and Jacob Myers Deli in Dayton in conjunction with the 20th annual Scopes Festival in July 2007. Gale Johnson of Dayton wrote the play upon which the movie script is based. Tony McCuiston of Dayton directed and starred as Clarence Darrow, and ST Productions of Chattanooga filmed and edited the movie.
Each year Bryan College celebrates some aspect of its heritage in March, about the time of the birthday of William Jennings Bryan, for whom the college was named. Chapel programs on Monday (March 24) and Wednesday (March 26) will examine aspects of college history and the life of William Jennings Bryan before the celebration concludes on Saturday.
“The Scopes Trial has been recognized as a defining moment in American history since it involved such significant elements as creation and evolution, the role of religion in American life, majority and minority rights, academic freedom and parental rights,” Dr. Cornelius said. “Unfortunately, most depictions of the trial take a narrow, distorted view of the facts and the personalities involved. ‘Inherit the Truth’ is adapted from the trial transcript, which allows the viewer to understand what really happened and to make up his or her own mind about the issues involved.”
Members of the cast are expected to attend, and copies of the DVD will be available for sale. The premiere will be presented in Rudd Auditorium at Bryan College and admission is free.
This will be the fourth world premiere of a film that Dayton has been chosen to host. The others were “Inherit the Wind,” “The Darwin Adventure” and “Twelve Days in Dayton”a full-length documentary about the Scopes Trial by WTCI Channel 45.