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Dr. Chip Henderson

Pine Lake Church web site



Dr. Gary Phillips


“Bioethics and the Meaning of Man”, to be published in bioethics text edited by Charles Van Eaton. (forthcoming)

Making Sense of Your World (Moody Press, 1991), with William E. Brown.  Reprinted 1996, Sheffield Press. (239 P543m) (2nd edition forthcoming)

“Apologetics” (co-author) in The Portable Seminary (Bethany House, 2006), ed. David Horton. (230 H789p p338)

Judges and Ruth, Holman Old Testament Commentary v. 5 (Broadman and Holman, 2004), ed. Max Anders.

Contributor of several articles for The Evangelical Dictionary of Theology (Baker, 2001). (230.044 Ev142)

"Religious Pluralism in a Postmodern World," in The Challenge of Postmodernism, ed. David Dockery (Baker, 2001, 2nd ed). (230.046 C352)

“A Particularist View : An Evidentialist Approach” with Douglas R. Geivett, in More Than One Way? Four Views on Salvation in a Pluralistic World (Zondervan, Harper/Collins, 1995), John Hick et al. (261.2 M813)

"Evangelical Pluralism: A Singular Problem," Bibliotheca Sacra, (April-June, 1994), reprinted in Vital Contemporary Issues, ed. Roy B. Zuck (Kregel, 1994). (Off-campus access requires Bryan login)

"Evangelicals and Pluralism" [revised edition], Proceedings of the Wheaton College Theology Conference (Spring, 1993).

"Evangelicals and Pluralism," Evangelical Quarterly (Great Britain, July, 1991). (in Bryan Library microfiche)

"The Logical Problem of Evil," Journal of the Michigan Theological Society (Spring, 1991).

"The Personal Problem of Suffering," Journal of the Michigan Theological Society (Fall, 1991). 

"Father-Love and the Prodigal Sons," Command (37:1), reprinted as "A Tale of Two Sons" in Kindred Spirit (May, 1991).

"An Apologetic Study of John 10:34-36," Bibliotheca Sacra 146: 584 (Oct-Dec, 1989). (Off-campus access requires Bryan login)

"Genesis and Origins: Focus on Interpretation,"  with S. Barnett, Presbyterian Journal (February, 1985).

Signal Mountain Bible Church web site



Rev. Scotty Smith


Restoring Broken Things, with Steven Curtis Chapman (2005). Review (234.4 C366r)

Objects of His Affection (2005). (231.6 Sm511o)

The Reign of Grace (2003). (248.4 Sm511r)

Speechless, with Steven Curtis Chapman (1999). (248.4 C366s)

Unveiled Hope, with Michael Card (1997). (228.06 Sm511u)

Long, Jim. “Shepherding the Stars”  Christianity Today (1996). Interview with Scotty Smith about Christian artists. (Off-campus access requires Bryan login)

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