Scholarship Information

Non-Scholarship Auditions

Auditions for new students will be held during fall semester orientation week according to the printed schedule for:

  • Private lessons (piano, voice, instrument)
  • Bryan College Chorale
  • Women's Chorus
  • Chamber Singers 
  • Instrumental Ensembles

Private lesson auditions are for placement. Students should be prepared to perform a selection which demonstrates their level of achievement. The music department tries to accommodate all non-majors who wish to take lessons.

Chorale auditions will also serve as vocal lesson auditions for students interested in both.

Chamber Singers will be selected from the Chorale and will enroll in both groups.

A chorale larger than a 44-voice touring chorale will be chosen for the fall oratorio. Only the 44-voice group will tour during spring break. Admission into the touring Chorale or Chamber Singers assumes a year-long commitment and purchase of outfits.

Scholarship Auditions

Music scholarships are awarded to new students who meet the following qualifications:

  • Enrollment in Music Theory I
  • Enrollment in an ensemble (Chorale, Chamber Singers, Women's Chorus, Instrumental Ensemble, accompanying a private lesson)
  • Attendance at Music Repertoires and Fine Arts Concerts

Music majors and minors all begin with the above components. After the freshman year, scholarships will be continued for music majors only.

The amount of the award is based on funds available, quality of the audition, and potential for success as a music major.

Prospective students should audition at a scheduled visit event, or at other times set up by the Admissions Department during campus visits, preferably no later than April 1. 

One Musical Merit Scholarship will be awarded annually to the most outstanding prospective music major. Applicants will audition during a Scholarship Weekend Event.  

Families will be notified of music scholarship amounts by the Financial Aid office as soon as all financial aid forms have been processed.  Dollar amounts will not be finalized until both music performance competitions have concluded.  If funds are available, the music department may occasionally choose to award additional scholarships to deserving students who audition after the April 1 deadline.

Special Scholarships

A limited number of scholarships are available to non-music majors who participate in official performing groups.