Choosing a Major

j0185152_1.jpg Choosing a major is important to your academic success. There are many thoughts and emotions tied into the decision-making process. Feelings of indecision, worry, anxiety, and not wanting to let anyone down are all normal. As you work through these thoughts and feelings, the Career Center is able to assist you in examining who you are and what is important to you.


In beginning the process of choosing your major, our goal is to make the process clearer and more manageable. We will address changing majors and other items that employers find important in an employee other than just a degree. We will seek to help you identify your interests, explore your values and recognize your abilities and giftedness.


The Career Services at Bryan College works in close conjunction with academic advisors and faculty members. We encourage you to talk with people or job shadow people who are in careers that correspond with your major. We will also address “The Ideal” vs. “The Real” expectations you may have.


Choosing a major is an important process, without a doubt. The process of exploration can form you just about as much as a major can. We encourage all students, whether they are first year students or transfer students, to visit the Career Services and set up an appointment.