Bryan celebrates Homecoming '08

Hundreds of alumni returned to Bryan Oct. 3-5 for Homecoming, a celebration highlighted by honors to alumni and friends and a challenge to "march up the road" at Homecoming '09.  Here are details and photos of some of the highlights:
  • Marine Maj. Gen. Mastin Robeson. '76, and his wife, Nancy (Nofsinger), '74, were honored as Alumni of the Year, recognizing their service to our country and support for Bryan.  Click here to view video interview with Maj. Gen
  • Long-time trustee Barry Whitney of Augusta, Ga., was made an honorary alumnus of the college during the trustees meeting Thursday and Friday of Homecoming week.
  • Nearly 100 former Greek students returned to campus Saturday for "My Big Fat Greek Luncheon" to honor long-time Greek professor Dr. John Anderson.
  • Three men, David Willson, '90; Matt Landes, '82; and Brett Landes, '83, were inducted into the Athletics Hall of Fame, recognizing their leadership on the field and court and in the years since graduating.
  • Alumni Director David Tromanhauser introduced two of the lions that will stand guard over the new entrance, and encouraged alumni to support that project "so we can march together up the road at Homecoming next year."   
  • Click here for more photos.
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