Students receive awards, scholarships
April 27, 2009

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Fifty-seven students were recognized for outstanding achievement during the first of two Honors Day chapels Monday, April 27. Monday’s program highlighted awards to underclassmen. Seniors will be recognized in a chapel Wednesday, which also will honor faculty and staff achievements.

Monday’s honorees included:

Andrew ZimmermanAndrew Zimmerman, son of Stephen and Peggy Zimmerman of Grandview, Tenn., received the Robert D. Marston Scholarship, awarded to a student working his way through college, who has earned at least a 3.0 grade average on Bryan’s 4.0 scale. He also received the Ada Lovelace Excellence in Programming Award, presented to an outstanding computer science student.Kristen Underwood          

Kristen Underwood, daughter of Adam and Sandra Underwood of Pikeville, Tenn., received the Virginia M. Schmickl Music Award, presented to the freshman music major with the highest academic average.Molly Gehring

Molly Gehring, daughter of Jon and Elizabeth Gehring of Marietta, Ga., and Timothy Sunday,Timmy Sunday son of Timothy and Linda Sunday Sr. of Seymour, Tenn., received Mary McDonald Groves Music Scholarships, presented to outstanding students in the music program.

Glenna GibbsGlenna Gibbs, daughter of Noble and Susan Gibbs of Douglasville, Ga.; Kim McKennettKim McKennett, daughter of Thomas and Rebecca McKennett of Port Alsworth, Alaska; Natalie McGeheeNatalie McGehee, daughter of David and Michele McGehee of Ruston, La.; Alicia SchulzeAlicia Schulze, daughter of David and Patricia Schulze of Morganton, N.C.; and Victoria WisthoffVictoria Wisthoff, daughter of Stephen and Grace Wisthoff of Bismark, N.C., received M.A. Cooley Memorial Music Scholarships, presented to students who demonstrate special musical ability.Allyson Underwood

Allyson Underwood, daughter of Adam and Sandra Underwood of Pikeville, Tenn., received the Harold C. and Ruthanna Almond Music Scholarship, presented to a student who demonstrates exemplary Christian character, scholastic ability and dedicated talent.Stephen Deck

Stephen Deck, son of Raymond and Beverly Deck of Raleigh, N.C., received the Roe F. and Zelma I. Black Memorial Scholarship in Music. The award is made on the basis of the applicant’s ability and interest in music and personal character.Wendy Vork

Wendy Vork, daughter of Calvin and Susan Vork of Dayton, Tenn, received the Gordon and Janice Lou Alley Scholarship, awarded to a student who plans to enter full-time Christian service.Allison McLean

 Allison McLean, daughter of Bruce and Renee McLean of Powder Springs, Ga., received the Theodore C. Mercer Scholarship, presented to the incoming editor of the student newspaper.    

Joy BernerJoy Berner, daughter of Michael Berner and Dee Berner of Cordova, Tenn., received the Commoner Service Award, presented for outstanding contribution to the staff of the student yearbook. She also received the Catherine McDonald Communications Scholarship, presented to a student in the communications studies program based on academic merit and progress.Britney Weber

Britney Weber, daughter of Steven and Jana Weber of Decatur, Ill, received the Commoner Grant, awarded to an outstanding member of the student yearbook staff.

Stephen McGeeJason HundleyJason Hundley, son of Chris and Donna Hundley of Knoxville, Tenn.; Justin WintersJustin Winters, son of Robert and Lisa Winters of Rock Springs, Ga.; Stephen McGee of Millbrook, Ala.; and Alicia SchulzeAlicia Schulze, daughter of David and Patricia Schulze of Morganton, N.C., received Haynes Hilltop Players Leadership Awards, recognizing their contributions to the college drama troupe.Emily Hendrix
Emily Hendrix, daughter of Jerry and Kathy Hendrix of Dayton, Tenn., received the Rachel Morgan Patron Award, presented for outstanding service to the theatre program.Lydia Pugh

Lydia Pugh, daughter of Randell and Vickie Pugh of Columbia, Tenn., received the Nannie Ketner McDonald Education Scholarship, given to an education student based on academic merit and progress.Jeremy Blaschke       

Jeremy Blaschke, son of Terry and Cathy Blaschke of Clovis, N.M., received the Fred and Dot Wagoner Scholarship. The award is made to students in the Christian studies or natural science divisions based on Christian commitment and commitment to academic excellence.Amanda Elswick

Amanda Elswick, daughter of Ronald and Karen Elswick of Cumberland, Va., received the CRC Freshman Chemistry Achievement Award, given to the science or math major with the highest average in the introductory chemistry class. She also received the Mathematics Scholarship, presented to an outstanding math student.Joey Bruno

Joey Bruno, son of Joseph and Marie Bruno of Peoria, Ariz., received the Lawrence E. and Lillian C. Payne Scholarship presented to an outstanding Christian studies major.   Zach Bowe     

Zach Bowe of Spring Hill, Fla., received the Robert and Nita Anderson Memorial Scholarship, awarded to Baptist students preparing for foreign missionary service.Dani Park

Dani Park, daughter of David and Grace Park of Knoxville, received the Elinor Fox Baker Leadership Scholarship, given to a woman majoring in the Christian studies division.Eddy Davilla

Eduardo Davila, son of Ricardo and Rosario Davila of Miami, Fla., received the Charles A. and Theda F. Thomas Scholarship, presented to an outstanding Bible major.Maribeth Moe

Maribeth Moe, daughter of John and Grace Moe of Rockford, Ill., received the Lizzie Reis-Orin A. Keach Educational Fund award, presented to a deserving student.Lisa Barker

Lisa Barker, daughter of Charles and Joshua McGowanShirley Barker of Dunlap; Joshua McGowan, son of Michael and Leslie McGowan of Tulsa, Okla.; and Kelly Shannon,Kelly Shannon daughter of Michael and Connie Shannon of Ooltewah, Tenn., received D.B. Rice Scholarships, presented to students minoring in Bible or Christian ministry and planning a career of vocational Christian service.Jeffrey Nelson

Jeffrey T. Nelson, son of Jeff and Ann Nelson of Mentone, Ala., received the John D. Lawson Scholarship, presented to a student who is preparing for vocational Christian ministry.Rachel Mele

Rachel Mele, daughter of James and Loretta Mele of Cobalt, Conn., received the R. Kent and Margie B. Mann Scholarship, awarded to a deserving student.Bailey Payne

Bailey Payne, daughter of Stanley and Deneen Payne of Pikeville, Tenn., received the Anna C. Robinson Memorial Scholarship, presented to deserving students who plan to work in a church-related ministry.Aaron Kendall

Aaron Kendall, son of Robert and Rosalyn Kendall of Jacksonville, Fla., received the Christian Ministry Award to an Outstanding Underclassman.    Lauren Pratt

Lauren Pratt, daughter of Mark and Cathie Pratt of Oak Ridge, Tenn., received the Psychology Achievement Award, presented to an outstanding student.Susannah McIlvaine

Susannah McIlvaine, daughter of Richard and Marjorie McIlvaine of Hendersonville, N.C., received the Ann Burwick Scholarship, presented to a psychology student who intends to pursue a counseling ministry.Olivia Pool

Olivia Pool, daughter of Michael and Cathy Pool of Powell, Tenn., received the Mercer and Bernyce Clementson Scholarship, awarded to a business administration major who demonstrates leadership potential.Christopher Kloc

Christopher Kloc, son of Jonathan and Christina Kloc of Mint Hill, N.C., received the Al Page Memorial Scholarship, given to a student with a Christian perspective of ethics in business and evangelism.Faith Martin

Faith Martin, daughter of Gerald and Loraine Martin of Athens, Tenn., received the business scholarship, presented to a student who shows potential for success in business.Faith Kostreva

Faith Kostreva, daughter of Kyle and Michelle Kostreva of Clifton, Colo., received the Frank J. Schmickl Scholarship, awarded to a freshman with the highest average in the math major.

Lauren PageLauren Page, daughter of James and Patricia Page of Woodstock, Ga., received the Judson A. Rudd Testimony and Influence Award. The recipient, chosen by the freshman class, is recognized for having an outstanding Christian testimony and exerting the best Christian influence on incoming students.Ryan Moore

Ryan Moore, son of Roderick and Colleen Moore of Midlothian, Va., received the Paul McCarthy Scholarship, awarded to an outstanding computer science major.JAmes Baird

James Baird, son of Jeff and Heather Baird of Springfield, Mo., received the History Award presented to an outstanding underclassman.Emily Britton

Emily Britton, daughter of Eddie Britton and Karin Britton of Lakesite, Tenn., received the Brynoff Scholarship in English, presented to an outstanding English major with ability and personal character.Elizabeth Benscoter                                

Elizabeth Benscoter, daughter of Brian and Vicky Benscoter of Hoover, Ala., received the Warren and Karyn Wells Scholarship, presented to a deserving student.Lydia Steele

Lydia Steele, daughter of James and Peggy Steele of Townsend, Tenn., received the Dwight W. Ryther Memorial Scholarship, awarded to deserving children and grandchildren of Bryan alumni.Rachel Smith

Rachel Smith, daughter of Scott and Margaret Smith of Chattanooga, Tenn., received the Ralph E. and Rebecca H. Toliver MK Scholarship, awarded to students whose parents are overseas missionaries.Kristen Ferrante

Kristen Ferrante, daughter of Richard and Tracy Ferrante of Sterling, Va., received the Outstanding Underclassman in Spanish Award.Carrie Cook

Carrie Cook, daughter of Paul and Marcia Cook of Jasper, Texas, received the Politics and Government Outstanding Underclassman Award.Laura Pearce

Laura Pearce, daughter of David and Donella Pearce of St. Steven PerryPeter, Minn., and Steven Perry, son of Russell and Janice Perry of Waxhaw, N.C., received the Harry V. Schnabel Jr. Award, presented to students whose parents are missionaries or full-time Christian workers.Megan Devaney

Megan Devaney, daughter of Thomas Devaney and Janet Denton of Monroe, Ga., received the Helen M. Johnson Scholarship, presented to a student who has shown outstanding qualities that are part of the Bryan community.Todd Yawn

Todd Yawn, son of Don Yawn and Brenda Works of Dayton, Tenn., received the Elizabeth Jane Cornwall Married Student Scholarship, presented to an outstanding married student.Ashley Maye

Ashley Maye of Knoxville, Tenn., and Megan O’Rourke, Meagan O'Rourkedaughter of Brian and Carrie O'Rourke of Arrowsmith, Ill., received the Cammenga Endowed Scholarship, presented to deserving Bryan students who are participants in the college work study program.Erica Smith

Erica Smith, daughter of Eric Smith and Elizabeth Smith of Grandview, Tenn., received the Will and C.C. Weir Scholarship, presented to a deserving student.