Andrews lectures in Czech Republic and Slovakia
April 18, 2009

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Dr. Robert Andrews, under the auspices of Bryan’s Center for International Development, recently presented lectures at the NATO base near Brno, Czech Republic, and at Krizovatka Inc., Tmava, Slovakia.

At the NATO Language Institute (pictured below), Dr. Andrews spoke on creative problem solving to a class of Czech military officers studying English. Even though the officers were in various stages of English speaking and listening skills, they participated enthusiastically throughout the sessions.

NATO Classroom for Czech Army Language Institute
While in Slovakia, Andrews lectured on basic and advanced worldview concepts. He said that “having lived under communist regimes for a full generation, Slovaks are eager to learn more about worldview issues and are particularly interested in why a thinking person would adopt a Christian, theistic worldview. Attendees were full of interesting questions because they really had never heard any criticism of naturalism and had never even thought about transcendentalism or theism."  Andrews went on to explain that "these beautiful, inquisitive people were like sponges soaking up anything they could regarding why one should even consider worldview issues. They wanted to stay all night asking questions.”

Dr. Andrews (right) with the National Director for the Language InstituteIn another lecture to a Christian audience Andrews explained in detail why he is not a naturalist or a transcendentalist. This lecture used many of the same concepts from the earlier presentation, but Andrews emphasized how the Bible interacts with naturalism and transcendentalism. He gave this example: “When I quoted Hebrews 9:27 that ‘…it is appointed unto men once to die,’ they all immediately realized that transcendental reincarnation was false. It was exciting to see them light up with understanding about a topic that seemed so difficult at first.”