Construction crews break through to Richland Street
September 18, 2009

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Passersby traveling on Highway 27 saw for the first time last week the road bed of Bryan's new entrance. The construction crews that started at the top of Bryan hill broke through the tree line at the bottom of the hill to uncover the magnificent view of the half-mile road that will soon be known as Landes Way. Alumni Director David Tromanhauser was one of the first people to hike up the hill last week, calling it a "trial run" for the celebration scheduled during the October 2-4 Homecoming Weekend when the first official college event will take place along the new entrance.

The road to campus follows the contours of the ravine and will allow for the preservation of as many trees along the entranceway as possible. President Stephen Livesay indicated that "the tall trees midway up Landes Way will provide a canopy effect arching over the roadway." He went on to explain that plans call for a sidewalk on the left side of the road extending from Richland Street up to campus. The first facility visible on the left side of the new roadway will be a softball field. The Lady Lions will have a scenic new home overlooking Landes Way and the campus when Bryan launches its women's intercollegiate softball program with the 2010-2011 season.

Bryan was blessed this fall with record enrollment numbers. As a result, the weekend that students arrived, administrators realized that the student parking lots already in place would fall short of providing the necessary parking. Construction crews were immediately able to build a parking lot that will be adjacent to the future Bryan Institute facility, providing over sixty new parking spaces in only three days.

Though the current schedule calls for the entrance to be completed sometime next year, college officials have not yet set an official completion date.