Office of the Vice President for Enrollment Management

Rick Taphorn, Vice President of Enrollment Management & Information Systems


Joshua Hood, B.A., Director of Admissions

Donna P. Belisle, Admissions Office Manager

Jody L. Cheon, Associate Director of Admissions 

Amanda Peckman, B.A., Campus Visit and Transfer Coordinator

Janette DeLozier, M.A., Enrollment Counselor

Andrew Smith, B.A., Enrollment Counselor

Ryan Smith, B.A., Enrollment Counselor

Pat Weslowski, Homeschool Specialist

Sharon R. Zensen, A.A., Receptionist

Financial Aid

David Haggard, M.S.,  Director of Financial Aid

Victoria Patterson, B.S.,  Assistant Director of AGS Student Financial Aid/Services

Patrick Roberts, B.S.,  Financial Aid Counselor

Judy A. Shetter, Assistant Director of Financial Aid


Information Technology Services

   James H. Sullivan, MCSA, CompTIA A+,   Director of Information Technology Services   

   Robert Barger,  Database Administrator/Application Support Specialist
   Wendy Krauss, B.S.,  Web Communications Coordinator
   John Glenn,  Network Administrator
   Matthew Meloncon, B.S.,  Online Applications Programmer

   Luke Morris, Hardware Technician

   Will Sexton,  Software Technician


   Jason Glenn, M.A.,   Director of Worldview Formation