February 2010

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February 2010 Volume 2, Issue 5

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ON DISPLAY: The Department of Business Administration

"A lot of problems in today’s economy are due to the Christian community disengaging itself from business or seeing business as secular, not a ministry. The reality is that we are ambassadors and servants for Christ. The workplace is our mission field..."
--Drs. Lay and Boyce

The latest in the library's Bring Your World Into Our World series features the Department of Business Administration. Come peruse recommended readings and descriptions of major areas taught, Business Display in the Library
as well as a few stand-out student products (be sure to listen to the commercials!). 

Also on display are items related to Sigma Beta Delta, the international honor society for students of Business, Management, and Administration; and SIFE (Students in Free Enterprise), an international organization that encourages students to be involved in community-building efforts. 

Coming soon to the display: play a game of Monopoly!

Just The Order of Things: 
New Item Ordering Procedure

Due to the recent upswing in requests for new materials for the library, and in order to foster better communication between the library and the faculty, we have instituted a new ordering procedure:

To order materials for the library, please send your requests via e-mail to:
Vonnie Johnson (johnsovo@bryan.edu)
and copy Polly Revis (revispo@bryan.edu).

You will receive an e-mail confirmation from Vonnie when your requests are approved for collection, at which point they will be placed in the ordering queue. Please help us prioritize our ordering process by indicating at least one of the following:

  • you will be using them for a class,
  • they should be considered RUSH priority,* or 
  • you are simply requesting that they be added to our collection

If you wish to be notified when the materials are available for checkout, be sure to specify that in your e-mail. Please be advised that the ordering/ processing turnaround time may take up to several weeks.

*To ensure that the requested item is ready by a particular date, we need to have the order at least six (6) weeks in advance.


Back by Popular Demand:

Honor someone special by posting a note on our Valentine Wall now through Tuesday, Feb 16, in the Library's atrium.

What's New
in the Collection

We added over 150 new items last month. Here are just a few:

Main Collection

Tufte, Edward R. The visual display of quantitative information. 001.4 T816v

Bess, Michael. Choices under fire: Moral dimensions of World War II. 172.42 B464c

White, James R. The King James only controversy. 220.5 W582k

Yancey, Philip. Soul survivor: How thirteen unlikely mentors helped my faith survive the Church. 248 Y15s

Glasser, William. Control theory in the classroom. 371.1 G464c

Taub, Robert. Playing the Beethoven piano sonatas. 786.2 T19p

McClure, Cynthia R. The monster within: Facing an eating disorder. 616.85 M459m

Butscher, Edward. Sylvia Plath: Method and madness. 811.54 B98s   

Duriez, Colin. The J.R.R. Tolkien handbook: A comprehensive guide to his life, writings, and world of Middle-earth. 828.91209 D934j

Vargas Llosa, Alvaro. The Che Guevara myth and the future of liberty. 980.03 L773c


Butch Cassidy and the Sundance Kid. AV 791.43 B971

The magnificent seven. AV 791.43 M275

The man with no name. AV 791.4372 M311

Children's Literature

L'Engle, Madeleine. Troubling a star. JUV 813.54 L547t

Taylor, Mildred D. Let the circle be unbroken. JUV 813.54 T212L

Radin, Ruth Yaffe. Escape to the forest: Based on a true story of the Holocaust. JUV Fic R118e


The almanac of American politics 2010: The senators, the representatives and the governors: Their records and election results, their states and districts. REF 328.73 B268a

Encyclopedia Latina: History, culture, and society in the United States. 4 vols. REF 973.0468 En192


Day of Prayer, February 18: The library will be closed until 1pm.


Director’s ALA Midwinter Trip
Director of Library Services, Dr. Gary Fitsimmons attended the American Library Association’s Midwinter meeting in Boston, MA Jan. 15-18. The first event was a reception sponsored by Lyrasis, our regional library support network collaborative at the Boston Athenaeum library, which features the personal library of George Washington as well as other rare books. Saturday’s sessions included vendors unveiling new products, committee meetings, and time spent in the exhibit hall visiting with literally hundreds of vendors and learning about their products and services. Sunday brought the opportunity of hearing more about libraries as publishers, more vendor updates and time in the exhibition hall, and diner with other CCCU librarians. Monday was spent waiting in the airport for a delayed flight and making a mad dash to a connecting flight in Chicago.

All things considered, the meeting was a productive time of networking, discussing, and learning  with a little history and adventure thrown in just for fun.

Pertinent Publications: Selected Resources authored by the six speakers for the Bryan Institute's upcoming  Christianity & Psychology Symposium.




February is here and we’ve been having winter adventures. I was recently at the American Library Association’s Midwinter meeting in Boston and was delayed enough in leaving that I had to race through Chicago’s O’Hare Airport to catch my connecting flight back to Chattanooga. Students have employed their usual ingenuity in finding tubs, trays, and other vehicles for racing down hills into fences and other obstacles. The snow is rapidly disappearing, but more is expected, so the adventures continue.

Snow has always had a calming effect on me. Rather than feeling cold when I see it, it reminds me of how nice it is to snuggle in a warm blanket. A blanket of fresh snow always seems to cover a multitude of sins, giving the ground a perfectly white appearance, while holding the promise that as it melts and waters the earth, new life will spring forth and things will start showing growth again. Then there is always the promise of adventures in the snow, whether it is slipping and sliding, attacking and defending in snow fights, or creating snow sculptures. Snow is an elegant, if temporary medium for artistic endeavors.

The Bryan College Library is creatively involved in sculpting services to serve the Bryan community (and beyond) that promise to have eternal impact in people’s lives. It is not always easy to see what kind of eternal impact we can have in the day to day mechanics of designing, planning, and implementing of library services. But we do these to the best of our abilities, trusting God to close the gap between the temporal and the eternal. Like the snow we see much of our efforts make an initial impression only to melt away to make way for other interests. We trust that the learning and growth that we have facilitated will survive into eternity. Let us know if we can facilitate any growth for you.

-Dr. Gary Fitsimmons

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