Writing Studio Consultants

Ashton Alexander

A double major in English Literature and Politics and Government, I enjoy reading and writing across disciplines. My philosophy about writing is simple: every writer needs a reader. At the Writing Studio, I strive to be an active ready for my peers, suggesting ways to help them more clearly and effectively communicated with their readers. This is my third year working at the Writing Studio, and I have experience consulting peers with different skill levels--beginners and mature writers.

Katherine Bell

I am a senior English Literature major who loves to write and to talk with others about their writing.  You'll see me manning the front desk at the Writing Studio on Tuesday and Thursday nights. Come chat, ask questions, or email me for more information about consultations and events at the Writing Studio.


Olivia Busch


I’m a senior English major, and this is my third year working in the Writing Studio.  I absolutely love working here, and I would love to work with you.



Kaylee Cogan

Hey! I am an English major here at Bryan College and am enjoying being one of the Writing Studio's Administration Assistants. I hope to also become an English tutor as my college career continues. Being born and raised in Fairbanks, Alaska, I am pretty far from home. My job description is to make the Academic Support Center feel like home to you. I can help you schedule appointments, locate tutors, find your appointment times, and much more! Don't ever be afraid to ask me a question!

Krista Elsten

I'm a Senior English Major.  I'm particularly interested in helping people with sentence structure, word choice, and the overall structure of your paper.  Looking forward to working with you, I wait patiently for your appointment!

Josh Grace

This is my third year working in the Writing Studio as a consultant. I have learned so much from my time here, both as a consultant and as a consultee, and I would love the opportunity to share what I’ve learned with you and to continue learning!


Matthew Habermas

I am a senior English Literature major. I am excited to start my fourth semester with the Writing Studio. As a writing consultant, I care about seeing other students become better writers and I am glad to offer any help that I can to make that possible. With my work I want to serve students by authentically listening to their thoughts and then offering a helpful perspective. I invite anyone to make an appointment or come in.

Nathan Johnson

Hi!  I'm currently a senior English Major and thoroughly enjoy writing, reading, and teaching.  I love to interact with new people, especially if I can help them with a problem.  Writing is a tricky thing and it's a skill that we continue to develop all the way to the grave, so feel free to come see me with a paper no matter what your writing level, because we all have things to learn and there's no shame in that.  Hope to see you at the Writing Studio!

Will Jones

I am an English / Politics and Government major at Bryan College. I love helping students almost as much as I love drinking milkshakes. Having completed my thesis on Salinger, I'm more than a little sympathetic to anyone struggling with the nuances of research writing, especially MLA.


Caroline LaPlue

I am an English Literature Major, minoring in History.  This is my third year in the ASC and Writing Studio, and I love getting to chat with people about their writing and presentations.  I have hours on both the Writing Studio schedule and the Presentations & Speeches schedule, but feel free to use any slot for either subject!  I can’t wait to work with you!

Bethany Little

I love words!  This is my senior year at Bryan as an English major with a minor in Spanish.  I would love to help you organize and develop your thoughts that you might be having trouble putting on paper, so feel free to stop by any time.


Nathan Price  

I've been working in the Writing Studio for five semesters now, and I've loved every single minute of it.  All those things that you loath working on as it relates to writing are things that I would love to work on with you and hopefully help you understand them better. I thoroughly enjoy getting to help you improve your writing by working on a paper for a class or by working on a personal piece. I'd love to help you answer any questions.  Feel free to drop by and just say hey if you want; I'll be the kid who will give you an awkward greeting and a warm smile! 

Elisa Whitlock

I am a 5th year senior majoring in English, Secondary Education. I have been a writing consultant in the Writing Studio for the past three years, and I absolutely love it! What I enjoy most is pushing other students to the best of their abilities. I want to meet you where you are in your paper and help you get to the next level. We can talk about brainstorming, thesis statements, organization, and punctuation and grammar – as well as whatever else you might be concerned about. No matter what, I want to do my best to give you the tools and assistance you need to succeed.

Michael Worrell 

My name is Michael, and I’m a senior here at Bryan who transferred in from the College of the Bahamas.  I’m an English Lit major who loves to write for fun, so I’ll be glad to talk about your papers with you!