Tutoring FAQs

What can the Academic Support Center do for me?
The Bryan ASC is here to bring students together to learn from each other.  It is both a place for you, a Bryan student, to bring your concerns about class to get help and a place for you to increase your understanding or sharpen your skills in a particular subject. 

We know college classes can be challenging and even overwhelming sometimes, so we’re here to encourage and equip you to confidently meet those academic challenges.  We also know that students at every level benefit from trading questions and insights about their studies, so we provide opportunities for you to connect with students who have interests similar to yours.

What exactly happens in an ASC appointment?
We don’t have a checklist of tasks to accomplish in each appointment; rather, we tailor each meeting to our clients’ individual needs.  Typically, we will ask what concerns you have and then go from there.  (So bring your questions!) 

Specifically, if you just want to talk about what you’re learning in class, we’re happy to listen and discuss it with you.  If you’re having trouble understanding your textbook or class lectures, we can talk you through that information.  If you want, we can give you study tips or help you review for exams.  You can meet with one of our French or Spanish tutors and practice conversing in those languages with correct pronunciation.

In which subjects does the Academic Support Center offer tutoring?
We offer tutoring—from beginning levels to advanced levels—in each of these subjects:
Bible   |   French   |   Greek   |   Hebrew   |   History   |   Math   |   Science   |   Spanish

Can I come to the ASC to talk about my upper-level course work?
Sure!  Our tutors are all advanced in their studies of their tutoring subjects and are excited about working with students in both upper-level and lower-level classes.

When is the Academic Support Center open?
The ASC is open 9am-10pm, Monday-Thursday, during the fall and spring semesters, as our tutors are available.  For specific available appointment times, see our online scheduler.

Do I have to make an appointment to visit the ASC?
You don’t have to make an appointment; we welcome “walk-ins.”  However, if you don’t make an appointment, we can’t guarantee that a tutor will be available to meet with you.

How do I make an appointment with the ASC?
Go to our online scheduler, and follow the instructions to create an ASC account.  Once you’ve created an account, you will be able to log into the scheduler.  Choose the center that you want from the drop down menu underneath the blank for your password.  Follow the instructions to reserve a time slot for your appointment.  Make sure that you select the correct schedule.

What should I bring to my ASC appointment?
You should bring anything that will help us accomplish your goals for your appointment.  This often includes your:
  • Course textbook(s)
  • Class notes
  • Homework assignment (if you want to work on homework)
Where do I go for my ASC appointment?
The Academic Support Center is in the Library on the left side of the first floor.  Walk up to the desk in the back left corner of the room; your tutor will be able to find you there.

What if I can’t make it to my ASC appointment?
If you need to cancel your appointment, please let us know immediately.  To do this, 1) log into the online scheduler, 2) select your appointment, 3) check the “Cancel this appointment” box, 4) click “Save Changes.”  This will free the time slot so someone else can use it
How many ASC appointments may I have per week?
You may have two 30-minute appointments per day and up to three per week.

Will my professor know that I visited the Academic Support Center?
Yes.  We will give you the ASC form that your tutor will fill in during your appointment and mail a copy of it to your professor.  We will also keep a copy of the form in our files.

How do I become a tutor for the Academic Support Center?
Follow the instructions on our Tutor Application.

How do I contact the Academic Support Center?
You may contact us by phone or by email.

Pamela Davis, WC Director
Lorraine Doran, Academic Support Center Director