Faculty-Staff March News Update
March 16, 2010

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Dr. Robert Andrews lectured to management students and social services students at Emanuel University in Oradea, Romania, February 22-26. The lectures were in English to the management students and were translated into Romanian for the social services students. The four lectures, "Restructuring a Business Operation for Success," "Practical Marketing Applications," "Creative Problem Solving," and "Hindrances to Creativity," were based upon Dr. Andrews’ business experience with a Fortune 500 corporation and with the Aspire Degree Completion Program.

Mr. Bernie Belisle attended the Southeastern Theatre Conference in Lexington, KY, March 3 – 6, where he participated in workshops and discussions centered around topics such as lighting design, the Christian actor, building a new theatre facility, acting techniques, and the small college theatre department. He was accompanied by Cameron Lane (Dec ’09 Bryan alum) and Justin Winters (senior theatre major).
The following faculty and staff members served as team mentors for five student teams on the following Break for Change mission trips March 6-14:
  • Resident Director Kristina Anderson - Hope for Opelousas: Opelousas, Louisiana
  • Associate for Worship and Discipleship Jessi Trigger and her  husband Joel - City of Refuge: San Diego, California
  • Dr. Randy Hollingsworth - Limbazi Baptist Church Youth Group: Limbazi, Latvia
  • Dr. Scott Jones - The Nehemiah Center, Managua, Nicaragua
  • Mr. and Mrs. Ben Norquist - Community Servants, Nashville, Tennessee

Dr. Daryl Charles had two essays published in academic journals:
  • "My Criminal Brain Made Me Do It: Biogenetics and the Loss of Moral Responsibility," National Catholic Bioethics Quarterly vol. 9, no. 3 (2009).
  • "Pacifists, Patriots, or Both? Second Thoughts on pre-Constantinian Early-Christian Attitudes toward War and Soldiering," Logos vol. 13, no. 2 (2010).

Dr. Kevin Clauson took a group of Bryan students to the Conservative Political Action Conference (CPAC) in Washington, D.C., February 18-19.  More info >  In addition, he presented his paper, “Why Evangelicals Generally Do Not Like Austrian Political Economy, but Should” at the Austrian Scholars Conference in Auburn, Alabama, March 11-13.

Coach Joey Johnson and his wife Suzanne, along with two soccer players, spent their March 6-14 spring break ministering to the Ngabe tribe in the jungles of northeast Panama.  More info >

Mrs. Kim Keck judged the Knoxville Federation Music Teachers Club Competition at Pellissippi State Technical Community College on February 20. In addition, she will be taking Kelly Miller, Caitlin Hawkins, and Tori Wisthoff to the Mid-South Regional NATS (National Association of Teachers of Singing) Competition on March 26-27.

Drs. David and Sigrid Luther, Dr. and Mrs. Phil Lestmann, and the Chorale traveled to Tennessee, Kentucky, Indiana, and Illinois performing at a number of churches over their March 6 -14 spring break. More info >

Dr. Sigrid Luther will attend the national conference of the Music Teachers National Association in Albuquerque, New Mexico, March 19-24, where she will serve as national senior (high school) performance competitions coordinator and run the national competition finals. She will also attend the Board of Directors meeting as the national Vice-President and perform as guest left-hand artist for a "Road to Chopin" teaching demonstration session by Ingrid Clarfield.

Dr. Liz Moseley and her husband Miles spent 13 days visiting four different sets of friends who teach English in university and grammar schools in five cities across China.  Their modes of transportation included nine planes, three buses, two trains, and countless taxis.  The main purpose of their trip was to encourage the workers in China just as Barnabas and Paul did on some of their trips in Acts. They even did some counseling and discipleship with the workers, their teammates, and several Chinese students.

Dr. Jeff Myers' schedule is as follows:
  • March 2 – Participant in the Christian School Roundtable in Columbia, South Carolina
  • March 4 – Keynote speaker at the Summit Ministries Adult Conference, Colorado
  • March 5 – Keynote speaker for World-Changers Summit, St. Cloud, Minnesota
  • March 25 – Keynote speaker for K-Life Banquet, Atlanta, Georgia
  • March 26 – Guest on the Frank Pastore Talk Radio Call-in Show, KKLA, Los Angeles, California.

Director of Admissions Mr. Michael Nichols attended a luncheon in Atlanta on January 23 in honor of Maloud Said, the Saharawi Arab Ambassador to the United States. The luncheon was presented by Engage International for the purpose of presenting the humanitarian and spiritual needs among refugee groups in the Sahara region. It also provided an opportunity to connect new church leaders in our region with Bryan College. Michael and Registrar Mrs. Janet Piatt also attended the Annual Meeting of The Southern Association of Collegiate Registrars and Admissions Officers (SACRAO) on January 31-February 3 in Chattanooga. Michael is serving on the 2010-2011 Admissions, School Relations, Financial Aid and International Program Committee.

Mr. Ben Norquist served as a panelist for a session on social justice initiatives on CCCU campuses for the 2010 International Forum on Christian Higher Education, in Atlanta, February 26. His remarks were in response to comments made by Nicolas Wolterstorff, Yale professor and author of Education for Shalom: Essays on Christian Higher Education and Justice: Rights and Wrongs.

Dr. Dwight Page will attend the Tercentennial Meeting of the DeGraffenried Association, USA, which will take place on April 17 in New Bern, North Carolina. Proceedings of the conference will be published in the February 2011 issue of the Swiss-American Historical Review, which Dr. Page edits and which is published by Bryan College conjointly with the Swiss-American Historical Society. The DeGraffenreid association represents more than 17,000 descendants of the Swiss Baron Christoph DeGraffenried, who founded the city of New Bern in 1710 as an agent of the Ritter Company of Bern, Switzerland, and Her Majesty Queen Anne of Great Britain.

Dr. Ron Petitte attended the American Political Science Association’s (APSA) annual Teaching & Learning (T&L) Conference in Philadelphia, Penn., February 5 -7. After being awarded APSA’s national award for “Outstanding Teaching in Political Science” in August 2008, Dr. Petitte conducted a workshop at last year’s T&L Conference on “Approaches to the Teaching of Political Science: Partisan versus Nonpartisan.” At last month’s T&L Conference, Dr. Petitte’s topic, part of the Civic Engagement Track, was entitled “Chivalry & Civility,” a presentation developed out of Mr. Michael Palmer and Dr. Petitte’s annual chapel messages over the past four years.

Leo Sayles preached at Second Baptist Church in Rockwood, TN, February 21, was a guest speaker at the NACA Basketball tournament February 24, and led a volleyball clinic for Phoenix Rising Volleyball Club in Knoxville February 28.

Dr. Mel R. Wilhoit taught Intro to Fine Arts to the students at the Italy Abroad Semester Program in San Lorenzo, Italy, the week of March 8. The following week, he led the group to Florence, Rome, and Venice to experience the places they had talked about in the classroom.

Ms. Bonnie-Marie Yager and several members of the Worldview Initiative ministered at a church, home school group, and two Christian schools in Florida over their March 6-14 spring break.  More info >

Adjunct instructor Mrs. Becky Young attended the Tennessee Teachers of English to Speakers of Other Languages Annual Conference in Chattanooga, March 4-6, where she co-hosted a breakfast meeting and discussion.