October 2010

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October 2010 Volume 3, Issue 2

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Convert, v.:
"2b (1) : to change from one form or function to another (2) : to alter for more effective utilization." --www.merriam-webster.com
The library's audio-visual collection needs a facelift. Our collection is comprised mostly of VHS tapes, but rather than converting them to DVDs in-house, we are required by copyright law to purchase them in the new format (if commercially available). To do so for the entire VHS collection is outside the scope of our budget. This summer, our Public Services Librarian, Vonnie Johnson, analyzed one year's worth of usage data for the VHS tapes in our collection and then triaged those tapes for conversion to DVD format (via new purchase) based on sheer amount of circulation and professors' requirements for class use (either during class time or put on reserve). (Another major consideration was whether the information available in the newer format had also been updated [i.e., a more recent edition].)

Professors, you can help! If you anticipate showing an item from the library's audio-visual collection later this fall or during the spring semester, please let us know so that we can make it available in the format you choose. This helps us make the best use of our allotted conversion funds. You can send your A-V requests to Vonnie Johnson.

Upcoming Events

Mon, Oct 18: Evening of Readings
(7-8pm in the Spoede Lounge)

Our first in a series of Evenings of Readings
features Faculty and Staff members reading
selections from their favorite books. 

Take a break from your routine to explore the
beauty of literature as it's read aloud by
Ms. Kim Crowe-Tuttle, Ms. Pamela Davis,
Mr. Jonathan Doran, and Dr. Ray Legg.

Sat, Nov 13: National Gaming Day
(6-10pm in the library)

Take time to play! We're celebrating National Gaming Day with all types of video and board games stationed throughout the library building.


We added over 200 items to the library's collections in September. Below is a sampling. For more information on each title, please refer to our online catalog.

Main Collection

Bugden, Pamela D. Ever, only, all for Thee: Frances Ridley Havergal: Glimpses of her life and writings. 245 B865e 

Craughwell, Thomas J. The buck stops here: The 28 toughest presidential decisions and how they changed history.

321.8 C855b 

Brown, Kathleen L. Teaching literary theory using film adaptations. 801.95 B812t

Middle-earth minstrel: Essays on music in Tolkien. 823.912 M584

Weals, Vic. Last train to Elkmont: A look back at life on Little River in the Great Smoky Mountains. 929.376889 W373L

Horovitz, David Phillip. A little too close to God: The thrills and panic of a life in Israel. 956.9405 H785L

Juvenile Literature

Green, Roger Lancelyn. The tale of Troy: Retold from the ancient authors. JUV 292.13 G820t 


The Exhaustive concordance to the United States Constitution. REF 342.73 Ex47 

Hirsch, E. D. The dictionary of cultural literacy. REF 973.03 H615d


Library Fall Break Hours:

closed Sat-Sun, Oct 9-10

OPEN Mon-Thurs, Oct 11-14, 8:00am-4:30pm, (closed for lunch noon - 1:15pm)

closed Fri-Sat, Oct 15-16

OPEN Sun, Oct 17, 7:00pm-11:00pm

regular hours resume Mon, Oct 18

Dr. Gary Fitsimmons represented Bryan College at the Fall ACA/BCLA Library Directors Meeting on Sept. 16-17 in Abingdon, VA, and will be attending the corresponding TICUA meeting in Nashville on the 15th of Oct.


Someone jokingly commented to me recently, “Aren’t you glad you just have to deal with libraries and not with people?” The point, of course, was that librarians, being a service profession, deal with multitudes of people. Libraries exist for people. I think most of us in service professions need to be reminded of our reason for existence every so often, especially when we get to thinking things like, “I could sure get a lot more done without so many interruptions from people.” We need to learn to enjoy the interruptions like the Professor in The Lion, The Witch, and The Wardrobe, knowing that without interruptions, life would be nothing but work—no fun at all. Our work can be fun, but not without the meaningful interaction with those whom we serve.

So feel free to interrupt us. Though we sometimes walk a fine line between needing to get things done and needing to be available to serve your specific needs, it’s the interaction—the “dealing with people” that most exemplifies what the library is all about.

--Dr. Gary Fitsimmons

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