Broad Street Film Festival

Award Categories

  • Best Production Design (set and costume design)
  • Best Editing (post-production construction of a story)
  • Best Cinematography (photographic elements)
  • Best Original Score (must be written specifically for the film)
  • Best Music Video (filmmaker must work in collaboration with the artist or have the artist’s permission to use music)
  • Best Actor
  • Best Actress
  • Best Documentary
  • Best Original Screenplay
  • Best Director (overall coordination of departments within a film)
  • Best Picture (the highest award)
  • People’s Choice (determined by a vote at the Majestic film showings)
  • Best Trailer

The annual Broad Street Film Festival is a celebration of the creative achievements of the students of Bryan College, Covenant College, University of Tennessee at Chattanooga, Southern Adventist University, Lee University, and Chattanooga State, as displayed through the medium of film. During the academic year leading up to the Spring semester film festival, students script, shoot, edit, and produce films that can range in length from just a few minutes up to feature-length presentations.

These films are then judged by a group of professional filmmakers and critics from Chattanooga and Los Angeles; and awards are presented based on story, creativity, professionalism, and more. The films are also screened before the festival by students, and a People's Choice Award is given to the film that garners the most votes from the filmmakers' peers. 

History of the Film Festival

This annual festival began as a spring 2004 Medium of Film class project designed by Professors Ray Legg, Michael Palmer and Ron Petitte. The festival expanded in 2007 with its move to the Tivoli Theatre. Mr. Chris Clark, who currently teaches the Medium of Film course with Mr. Palmer, explains that the name of the festival, formerly known as the Bryan Film Festival, was changed in 2009 to reflect Bryan's collaboration with Covenant College and the addition of co-sponsors Sky Angel and Redbox. In 2010, three more colleges joined to form Chattanooga's only regional, original, and educational film festival. Today students from six colleges participate in this regional film festival.

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