Few investments in life are as important as the value of a Christian education. At Bryan College, we provide an outstanding educational experience at a reasonable cost. Many resources are available and we are committed to assisting you in obtaining scholarships/grants, federal/state aid, campus employment and/or loans to help with financing your Bryan education.

Basic Full-Time Expenses

Tuition (12-19 hours per semester)
  • Fall
  • Spring
  • Annual
Room & Board (2 person dorm room, unlimited meal plan)
  • Fall
  • Spring
  • Annual
Total Basic Costs
  • Fall
  • Spring
  • Annual


Free Services

The following services are offered to every student without any additional costs or fees:

  • Academic
    AP and CLEP Credit Acceptance
    Library Services
    Academic Tutoring
    Writing Center
    Career Services
  • Student Life
    Counseling Services
    Health Clinic
    Athletic Events
    Free Fine Arts Concerts
    Discounted Theatre Tickets
  • Residence Halls
    Computer Labs
    Washer and Dryer Use
    Local Phone Service
  • Technology
    Campus-wide Wireless Internet
    Email Address for a Lifetime
    Laser Printing


Miscellaneous Tuition Costs (2015-16)

Each hour above 19 hours $400
Part-time (1-11 hours) per hour $990
Audit charge per hour $75
Non-degree tuition fee per hour $310
Dual enrollment tuition fee per hour (on campus) $166
Winter 2015 tuition per hour $215
Summer 2016 on-campus tuition per hour $310
Miscellaneous Room Cost
Single room additional charge per year $2,000
Townhouse w/out meal plan $5,800
Townhouse w/meal plan $7,800
Variable Expenses (estimated)
Books and supplies $1,250
Transportation $990
Miscellaneous $1,790



* Expenses determined by individual needs are not included. Provided for planning purposes and subject to change.