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Founded in 1930, Bryan College is named after William Jennings Bryan: statesman, orator, and renowned prosecuting attorney in the famous Scopes Evolution Trial. 


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Why Work at Bryan?

The sense of community at Bryan is strong; and it is shared not only among the students, but also among the faculty and staff. As an employee of the college, you will have the opportunity to join your fellow employees in ministering to each other, students, the local community, and beyond.

Working at Bryan is both fun and fulfilling. Because we're a big family, we enjoy each other's company and we enjoy working together. And serving an institution whose motto is Christ Above All and whose mission statement is "Educating students to become servants of Christ to make a difference in today's world" gives us the assurance that what we do matters: that we are furthering the kingdom of God and, through the students we serve, fulfilling Jesus' command in Matthew 28.

The statement of belief is included in every employment application, which gives us the assurance that everyone we work with shares the same core values and beliefs that we do.

Bryan's benefits package reflects our core values. Family and a balance between work and life are reflected in the paid vacation time, family sick leave, and wellness and healthcare initiatives.

Nestled in the foothills of the Smoky Mountains, the campus provides a beautiful setting for students to live and grow and faculty and staff to serve and grow. From the sweeping grassy bowl to the perfectly manicured flower beds in the Triangle, you will appreciate God's magnificent creation when you step foot on our campus.

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