Project Assignments

And the King will say, "I tell you the truth, when you did it to one of the least of these my brothers and sisters, you were doing it to me." Matthew 25:40 (NLT)

Our thanks to the nearly 90 volunteers--Bryan faculty, staff, students, and alumni, as well as some friends associated with Joni & Friends International Disability Center--who served in the following ways so that we could bring the Rhea County Comprehensive Disabilities Classes along with their teachers and some of their parents to our campus for a FUN DAY ON THE HILL!

Bryan Buddies

  1. Gunner BarnettA
  2. Kristen BoldenA
  3. Olivia BuschA
  4. Andrew CarpenterC
  5. Jesse CooperC
  6. Christy CorwinA
  7. Jared DortonD
  8. Carolyn EvansA
  9. Taylor FinkE
  10. Adam FranklinE
  11. Kazuki FukunagaB
  12. Wesley GarnettE
  13. Olivia GoreB
  14. Xia GrimwoodB
  15. Allysa KerleyB
  16. Meredith KreighB
  1. Caroline LaPlueD
  2. Crystal LaPlueD
  3. John LeckroneE
  4. Nicole LloydC
  5. Karen  MarzolfC
  6. Arianne MebergC
  7. Ruth MercierC
  8. Kaylee MickelC
  9. Paige MishlerD
  10. Ryan MillerE
  11. Drew MorrisonE
  12. Joseph MurphyE
  13. Amy NewportC
  14. Kate-Marie ParksC
  15. Angela PeekC
  16. Annie PrescottD
  1. Nathan PriceE
  2. Zachary PughE
  3. Cody RhinehartE
  4. Stephanie RichardD
  5. Regan RobertsonD
  6. Alexandra RogersD
  7. Seth SatterfieldE
  8. Cathy ShawD
  9. Michael SherrillE
  10. Andrew SmithE
  11. Cristina SmithE
  12. Lindsay SmithE
  13. Samantha StahlE
  14. Shanta UpchurchE
  15. Hayden WebbE
Your student will be from the following:
 A Pre-K Spring City Elementary  |  Pre-K Graysville Elementary  |  C K-5  |  D 6-8  |  E 9-12


  • Jessalyn Pierce


  • Brent Janow

Sound and Media Crew

  • Mr. Jim Kinser
  • Mr. Ryan Smith
  • Sean Bunger
  • David Haynes
  • Stephen Powell


  • Dr. Randy Hollingsworth

Lion Mascot

  • Jerelyn Gentry

Cheer Team & Carnival
Set-Up Crew

  • Tiger Allison
  • Erin Bell
  • Zach Cochran
  • Jerelyn Gentry
  • Megan Harris
  • Nathan Hudson
  • Madison Land
  • Taylor McKissick
  • Logan Mungillo
  • Danielle Voiles
  • May Watts

Carnival Booth Attendants*

  1. Taylor McKissick & Danielle Voiles (Photo Booth)
  2. Mrs. Darlene Bruehl, Dr. Jeff Bruehl, Madison Land & Erin Bell (Face-Painting)
  3. Megan Harris & Tiger Allison (Fishing for a Prize)
  4. Mrs. Kim Keck & Natalie Hughes (Rhythm Games)
  5. Mrs. Juanita Long (Table Games: Disk Drop & Carnival Spinner Game)
  6. Mrs. Lil Andrews (Cornhole Toss)
  7. Ms. Courtney Jergins (Needle in a Haystack)
  8. Dr. Adina Scruggs (Ring Noodles)
  9. Mrs. Lucia Fary (Ring Toss)
  10. Mrs. Ruth Brewbaker (Ping Pong Balls in the Bucket)
  11. Mrs. Jennifer Travis & Mrs. Darlene LaPlue (Bracelet-Making)
  12. Nathan Hudson (Basketball Shoot & Hula Hoops)
  13. Logan Mungillo (Putting Green)
  14. Zach Cochran (Knock Down the Tower)
  15. May Watts (Stop 'n Play)
  16. Melissa Smith (Bowling)
*Carnival booth attendants, please be prepared to assist with Triangle games

Triangle Games 

  • Mr. Dave Perron, Parachute
  • Dr. Dana Wilson, Giant Beach Balls
  • Mr. Scott Landis, Miscellaneous Games

Dining Hall Luncheon 

  • Mrs. Joni Eareckson Tada, Video Greeting
  • Mr. A. J. Caudill & Pioneer Staff, Food
  • Mrs. Donna Belisle, Mrs. Alice Gray, Mrs. Margie Legg, Decorations
  • Brian Penny, Senior Testimony

Hostess for Rhea County Public School Administrators

  • Mrs. Robin Gibson

Carnival Clean-Up Crew

  • Cheerleading Team

Event Co-Directors

  • Mrs. Corinne Livesay, Director of Special Projects
  • Mrs. Janice Perron, Head Cheerleading Coach
  • Mrs. Darlene LaPlue, Alumnus and Director of Luke 14 in Morristown, TN
  • Dr. Laura Payne, Alumnus and Rehabilitation Technology Services Provider, CRC, with East Tennessee Technology Access Center