Bryan celebrates Arbor Day

June 4, 2014

plant1smA serviceberry tree became the first addition of a new species in the Bryan College Arboretum April 27 as the college observed Arbor Day 2012.

Participating in the Arbor Day tree planting were, from left, Luke Lillard, Jonathan Brown, Jessica Tameler, Dr. Roger Sanders, Dr. Stephen Livesay, Dr. Todd Wood, and Rhea County Agricultural Extension Office leader Jerry Lamb. Dr. Roger Sanders, who this summer will become director of the arboretum, said the national Arbor Day observance grew out of efforts in the Nebraska Territory in the 1880s to plant trees for windbreaks, shade, and beauty.

“At Bryan, we seek to put Christ Above All and that includes our responsibilities as steward to enhance and sustain God’s creation,” he said. The serviceberry tree, planted at the sign on Landes Way announcing the arboretum, will shade the sign and be a focal point of the developing facility.

Bryan President Dr. Stephen Livesay amplified Dr. Sanders’ remarks, saying the arboretum represents the college’s commitment to the concept of creation care and will offer students a living laboratory for research into soils, types of trees, and environmental influences.

“I hope this arboretum becomes a destination. I think it can be a great attraction for people who come to Rhea County. I have a dream that someday Point Park and the arboretum can be joined together so families can take a full day at the park, then walk up here and explore the 138 acres of our campus.”

Student Jessica Tameler, who will graduate next week then work in the arboretum this summer, said one purpose of the arboretum is to increase the diversity of trees on campus. She and Luke Lillard, another graduating senior, will work to mark trails and identify trees growing in the area.