Bryan eager to greet new students

June 4, 2014

8.22_BryanEagerToGreetNewStudentsThe Bryan College campus is buzzing with excitement for the arrival of over 200 new students on August 24, 176 of whom represent the Class of 2017. Freshmen and transfers alike will be welcomed by faculty and staff eagerly awaiting their arrival.

“The residence life team is busy assigning rooms, and the orientation group leaders are looking forward to meeting all new students,” said Bruce Morgan, dean of community life, referring to the 25 orientation groups, whose leaders have already been in contact with them.

Lily Cannon, lead resident assistant (RA) of the Arnold women’s residence hall, looks forward to meeting the new students. “We RAs have been praying all summer for the girls and guys who will be on our halls,” she said. “Whether we know them yet or not, we know God will place the right people on the right halls!”

This year’s orientation group leaders stand with supervisors. The week of August 24-30 holds several opportunities to be welcomed into the Bryan College community. From drama auditions and corporate worship, to a church fair and the commissioning of new students, activities during orientation week focus on helping students become acclimated to Bryan, Dayton, and college life.

Dr. Stephen Livesay will address new students directly on August 25. During this “Prime Time with the President,” he will share his passion for Bryan College and tips for college success.

Students will also meet with their respective academic departments to get an introduction to their major and guidance in their primary field of study. Breakout sessions reach out to all types of students, offering helpful perspectives on athletics, commuting, and SGA opportunities.

Morgan sends a message of encouragement to the new students: “We are expecting great things from you because we have a great God and He has brought you here. And I hope this year will be one you can look back on and see that you have grown closer to Him.”