Bryan to host World journalism conference

June 4, 2014

Bryan College will host the first World Journalism Institute (WJI) World on Campus college journalism conference Tuesday, March 27, in Brock Hall.

John Carpenter, assistant professor of journalism, said the conference is open to students at area colleges and is designed to “present some of the basics of journalism from a professional standpoint, to get students excited about journalism, to recruit writers for World on Campus (a World Magazine news service), and to inform students about the World Journalism Institute’s summer program.”

World Journalism Institute exists “to recruit, equip, place and encourage journalists who are Christians in the newsrooms of America first and then the world,” according to its website. It is the educational arm of World Magazine, a biweekly news magazine produced from a Christian foundation.

Mr. Carpenter said he expects students from Lee University, Covenant College, and possibly other area Christian colleges to attend the conference.

“I met Bob Case, WJI director, in the spring of 1999 on our first trip to a WJI conference in Asheville. We hit it off pretty well. Last semester he sent out an email asking if anyone wanted to host this conference, and I replied ‘yes,’” he said.

Speakers for the event include Leigh Jones, editor of World on Campus, a website offering news from a Christian perspective for college students and young adults; Rob Patete, associate art director for World Magazine; and Warren Cole Smith, associate publisher of World Magazine and Editor of World News Service.