Bryan to offer soul care minor

June 3, 2014

soulcareBryan’s Psychology department will offer a minor in soul care beginning next fall, a program designed to equip students for a life of helping others become conformed to the image of Christ.

Jonathan Doran, director of counseling and soul care, said the new minor will address an interest of students who want training in counseling, but do not intend to pursue a clinical counseling ministry.

“Soul care happens on a variety of levels, from individual friendships to pastoral counseling to clinical psychological counseling,” he said. “The minor will give students a basic theoretical and experiential understanding of soul care and a foundation to prepare for specific ministries in church and parachurch settings.”

He explained that “soul care” is a term addressing nurturing of one’s inner being. “There is a growing interest in evangelical circles for the academic study of spiritual formation and soul care,” he said. “With this minor, Bryan will be the one of only a few institutions in the country with formal academic emphasis on soul care. You find it at the graduate level in programs such as pastoral counseling.”

Students will be required to take 18 hours of classes, including Introduction to Soul Care, Soul Care Counseling, and Psychology of Christian Spirituality.

Academic Vice President Dr. Bradford Sample said to be adopted, a minor must be approved by the department involved – in this case Psychology – then by faculty and administration committees before being voted on by the full faculty.

Minors are added, he said, “because the college wants to offer the broadest possible spectrum of activities and disciplines to give students the broadest possible education they are interested in.”