College plans 9th annual service day

June 4, 2014

mlkhu36smBryan students, faculty, and staff will celebrate the ninth annual community service day Tuesday, April 9, with projects ranging from musical performances to painting and clean-up.

Students talk with a homeowner during the 2012 community service day.Ben Norquist, director of faith and mission who is coordinating the service day, said teams will visit 84 sites in Rhea and Hamilton counties. Projects are scheduled at nursing homes, community service organizations, churches, camps and private residences. Approximately 650 volunteers will participate.

Bryan President Dr. Stephen Livesay told students, “I don’t think a single event in the life of the college is more meaningful in the community than our service day. It shows the interest we have in the community.”

Mr. Norquist added, “We want our students to see the unique character of the community outside of campus. We want our students to be men and women who will care who their neighbors are and who will proactively build relationships outside of their normal spheres.”

Previous service days were held on the Martin Luther King Jr. holiday, but a change in the college calendar and realizing that many organizations were closed that day led to the decision to move the date.