Education department earns good report

June 4, 2014

degeorge Bryan’s education department has received a positive review from a Tennessee Board of Examiners evaluation team and anticipates official approval when the review process is completed.

Academic Vice President Dr. Bradford Sample said the review team “plans to recommend all of Bryan’s education programs for approval to the Advisory Committee of the State Board of Examiners. The Advisory Committee will officially publish their results in July, but we are happy with the preliminary report today.”

Dr. Steve DeGeorge, head of the education program, said the visit by the state review team was the culmination of some eight years of preparation by the department. The report, he said, indicates the education department “is in compliance with state standards for teacher preparation, as well as with standards of the National Council for Accreditation of Teacher Education.”

During the four-day review visit, team members met with Bryan faculty, administrators, students, and alumni, and with teachers and administrators in the local school systems. “We submitted a report to the team befosaynesre they arrived, ttravishen they looked over our program in great detail,” he said. “At one point, we were asked to come up with some more documentation, so we got that for them.

“When t hey gave their exit report, they told us we had corrected the three weaknesses from the last report and found no weaknesses, that all standards were met and that they would recommend all programs be approved.”

Dr. DeGeorge praised his colleagues Assistant Professor of Education Katy Saynes and Mrs. Jennifer Travis, coordinator of field placements for their efforts in making the visit successful.