Reading program seeks to unite campus

June 4, 2014

commonreadingBryan freshman will find common ground with upperclassmen, faculty, and staff when they arrive on campus in August as the Common Reading Program begins in earnest this fall.

A key component of The Bryan Journey, a new initiative to engage and develop first-year students, the Common Reading Program will have freshmen reading Living the Cross Centered Life by C.J. Mahaney for their Christian Life Formation class.

“This is a way to give freshmen and faculty, staff, and other students a common ground for conversation,” said Bethany Smith, an enrollment management assistant who is heading the program. “In talking to freshmen, we found that after the ‘where are you from and what is your major’ questions, conversation can be difficult at first. We believe this will provide common ground to bridge that gap.”

She explained that the committee planning the program wanted to pick a book which would allow freshmen to get a head-start on one of their classes while encouraging others in the Bryan community to become involved as well. “The book deals with how the cross transform daily life and changes everything.”

“We are excited to see this program starting up and growing,” Mrs. Smith said. “This is something the entire campus community can join in with a common goal of spiritual and intellectual growth.”