Students practice with mock interviews

June 4, 2014

inter37smSome 60 students, most seniors ready to graduate, took part in Bryan College’s first mock interview day March 27, going through a process many will face for real in the coming months.

Admissions Director Aaron Porter conducts a
mock interview with Dorie Fleming. Faculty, staff and several volunteers from community businesses and churches spent the day conducting “employment” interviews with students, according to Marica Merck, director of marketing and career services.

Students were greeted by career services staff members as they came for their interviews, then waited until their interviewers invited them into the interview room. For about 20 minutes, students and interviewers exchanged questions and answers about a “job possibility” created for the event. Interviewers then spent several minutes critiquing the students’ performance, touching on matters from dress to posture to ability to communicate.

Chuck Baker, retired vice president of Unum Insurance and executive director of Bethel Bible Village, was one of the volunteer interviewers. “I personally enjoyed the experience,” he said. “It was great for me to feel like I was able to contribute and to help students prepare for an interview. Being able to give immediate feedback about what I perceived was good for me and, I hope, was helpful for them.”

Student evaluations, collected after their interviews, were overwhelmingly positive, Mrs. Merck said. “Comments like these from students were typical: ‘The questions made me think, and I appreciated it,’ and, ‘I learned a lot and feel more confident about future interviews.’ This may have been one of the most valuable projects career services has done this year.”