Real Work for Real Change.

PCI--Practical Christian Involvement--calls Bryan College students into lives of service to their neighbors as a response to Jesus Christ. Students learn service and leadership by practicing it, here and now : they establish and lead creative ministries in Rhea County, involve a team of students, network in the community, seek strategic partners, and help cultivate a generation of men and women who love God and their neighbors.

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Our Current Initiatives (Join one or dream up your own):

Senior Adult Ministry (SAM): Senior adults often feel isolated and unwanted. Although people may view them as an inconvenient part of the community, God calls our seniors valuable . Through weekly visits to nursing homes and assisted living centers, SAM hopes to cultivate relationships with lonely seniors to show them they are loved and valued.

Girls Only (GO): Ministry to women in crisis pregnancy situations is the focus of the Rhea County Women's Care Center. Through the Women's Care Center, we are able to love and give worth to hurting women and their unborn babies. We call students to be an integral part of meeting the needs of impoverished mothers and their children.

Pals: One of our community's deepest needs is the emotional and social nourishment of our children. We meet this need by volunteering at the YMCA After-School program on a weekly basis to build sincere relationships. By investing our time, constant encouragement, and Christ-like love, Pals develops strong and confident children.

SSTOP: We seek to equip students to address violent oppression within our community through the education of students, engagement with schools, and partnership with local organizations. Starting with Bryan and touching Rhea County, we cultivate a desire in the next generation to seek justice through awareness and opportunities to engage their community.

Tutoring: Many local K-12 students struggle with their schoolwork and lack confidence that they can succeed. We provide consistent homework help and encouragement that enables these students to become better educated residents of Dayton and more confident in their academics and other areas of their lives.

Young Life: We exist so that every adolescent will have the opportunity to meet Jesus Christ and follow Him. We accomplish our mission by praying for you people, going where they are, building personal relationships with them, and winning the right to be heard.

Email PCI with the initiative name in your subject line for information about how to get involved, or drop by the Department of Faith and Mission to pitch your own idea of real work for real change in our community.