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Consider the influence that Joseph had on Egypt, the most powerful nation on earth at the time, and Daniel on Babylon. Fast forward to the time of Jesus. Consider the Sermon on the Mount and the political and economic lessons we derive from The Master Teacher that politics & government serve to advance The Great Commission.

We cannot survive, let alone thrive, in the world where Christ would have us serve without an understanding of the politics and governments that frame the portals through which we pass in our commissioned service. To do otherwise is naivety.

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Our Commitment to You

Col. Ron Petitte interacts with students in a roundtable discussion
We commit to provide you with a real world exposure to Politics & Government (P&G) that has direct application in 21st Century America and the world beyond.

There is no science in Political Science; therefore, we offer you a broad-gauged liberal arts approach to the study of P&G that is Biblically based and enhanced by a dynamic law option.

We also offer a flexible program to enable students to double major: Currently students add Christian Ministry, Communication Studies, English, History, Mathematics and Criminal Justice to P&G. Historically, significantly more honors students have studied P&G than any other major. Two popular minors that complement P&G are Bible and Criminal Justice. Finally, fighting human trafficking has become a mission for P&G students.

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  • Law Option: Our program is under the direction of a Doctor of Jurisprudence with over 30 years of experience. This option will put you in an excellent position to take the LSAT and prepare you to compete for internships across the globe.
  • Foundation Option: This option is the basic, foundational, major option, which embodies the minimum, 30 hour major in Politics and Government. The Foundation Option is ideally suited for students who might decide to double major, or take on a series of minors. This option is excellent preparation for graduate school, including law school. 

Potential Jobs

  • Armed Forces Officer
  • Cabinet Level and Sub-Cabinet Level Agency positions
  • Criminal Justice
  • Elected Government Service
  • International Justice Mission (IJM) and other Christian missions
  • Lawyer
  • Political Campaign Director/Analyst/Commentator
  • Political Journalist
  • Professor/School Teacher
  • U.S. Department of State
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Graduate Schools

  • St. John's College
  • Washington & Lee University
  • Regent University
  • Ohio Northern University
  • Catholic University


Sampling of Classes

  • Advanced Discourses in Politics, Philosophy & Economics
  • American Constitutional Law
  • The American National Election
  • Jurisprudence
  • The Origins & Basis for Government
  • Politics, Philosophy & Economics
  • The President's Cabinet
  • Strategy & Tactics in American Politics