"What do you want to do with your life? Where do you see yourself in 4 years? What about 10 years?" No matter how you answer these questions, one thing is true—You'll do better if you are well-prepared. Bryan College is a place where getting an education means a lot more than gathering information or passing an exam. At Bryan, we learn because we know that we are called to lead. And that's why we strive to offer the best academics with some of the top professors in the world—professors who encourage students to think deeply and critically about what they're being taught and to frame it all within a Biblical worldview.
Bryan students find that they're better prepared for what's next than most of their friends at other colleges.

Majors and Options

Students choose from a wide variety of majors, many of which have several different emphases in the particular field, in a pursuit to train the next generation of world changers and culture shapers. It is with this mindset that we pursue academic excellence in a great many fields of study. Highly-qualified faculty teach in small classroom settings providing a personal approach to education where professors personally invest in students.
Each Bryan student is paired with a professor who serves as an academic advisor. This deepens the relationship between Bryan students and faculty members. Your advisor will help you plan your academic schedule, ensuring that you are taking the courses you need to graduate and that you get the best possible education specifically tailored to you.
Located in the Library and easily accessible to students, the Academic Support Center is also available to assist you. Academic assistance is available on a wide variety of subjects and levels—great when you need a fresh set of eyes on something.
Technology plays an important role in learning at Bryan.


We learn together, we play together, we worship together. Chapel—every Monday, Wednesday, and Friday—allows the entire student body to come together to worship, listen to a variety of speakers, and participate in special presentations. You'll often hear seniors talk about how much chapel has meant to them during their time at Bryan. Listen in on a chapel service here.
Chapel is a unifying experience for the Bryan community.

Study Abroad

Studying abroad with Bryan is easy with nearly every academic program. The Italy Abroad program is available through a partnership with Saints Bible Institute in San Lorenzo, Italy. The program provides core curriculum credits and is eligible for financial aid. See the Bryan Italy Abroad site for more information.
If you want to study abroad in another location with another program, Bryan will work with you as you set it up to ensure that credits apply and are useful to your major.