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Social Media Policies

"Whatever things are true, whatever things are noble, whatever things are just, whatever things are pure, whatever things are lovely, whatever things are of good report, if there is any virtue and if there is anything praiseworthy—meditate on these things."  Philippians 4:8 (NKJV)

Social Media Etiquette Policy 

We welcome you to Bryan College social media sites.  We provide this forum as an opportunity for the Bryan community to edify, inform and entertain.  As a liberal arts Christian college we expect a high standard in our members’ comments on our official Bryan College social media sites.  Review our social media etiquette and policies below. 

Be Responsible
What you write is ultimately your responsibility.  Foul language, inappropriate or malicious comments not representative of the mission and motto of Bryan College are inappropriate.  By posting on Bryan’s social media sites you are agreeing to the terms of use as set forth in our etiquette and policies. 

Respect Others
Share your views but be thoughtful about your posting’s content and potential audiences.  Be respectful of others’ opinions; constructive and respectful in your comments.  Remember the golden rule do unto others as you would have them do to you - Luke 6:31.  Posts or responses must be honoring to God and respectful of Bryan College, students, administration, board of trustees, staff, faculty, alumni and the community.  Participation in Bryan’s social media sites is not a right but a privilege, so please treat it seriously and with respect.  If you want to participate be sure to abide by these standard practice guidelines.
Be Aware of Liability
You are responsible for what you post on your own site and on the sites of others.  Individual bloggers and others have been held liable for proprietary, libelous, or obscene content.  Increasingly, employers are conducting Web searches on job candidates before extending offers.  Be sure what you post today will not come back as an issue for you in the future.

Be Thoughtful
How to engage us outside of public forum?  Rather than starting a discussion on social media if you have questions regarding a rumor you have heard or if you have concerns about a policy or administrative decision, please call 423.775.2041 and ask to speak with someone in administration or send an inquiry to

Violation of Social Media Etiquette and Policies
Our goal is to empower the Bryan community to share on our social media sites.  However, inappropriate posts and users which violate the above etiquette and policies will be removed by the Advancement Department. 

Bryan College reserves the right to change these terms of social media etiquette and policies at any time.  An updated copy of terms of etiquette, policies and procedures will be available online.

Social Media Policy for Administrators

Bryan College encourages the use of social networking sites including but not limited to Facebook, Twitter, MySpace, Friendster, LinkedIn, YouTube, and Blogger. Such sites offer open lines of communication between Bryan College, the community, and our alumni and friends, allowing the college to share events, educational opportunities, and other information. Departments, student groups, athletic teams, clubs, etc., are encouraged to maintain interactive and current social networking sites that promote open discussion of topics related to Bryan College and its constituents.

All social networking sites and administrators who use a social networking service as a representative of Bryan College (in your capacity as a faculty or staff member, student leader of a club or organization, or student athlete), must agree to abide by the following policies and procedures:
  1. No social media site may in any way hinder the mission of the College, which is educating students to become servants of Christ to make a difference in today's world.
  2. Any primary administrator must be an employee of Bryan College or a designated student under faculty or staff supervision. Secondary administrators must be approved by the primary administrator.
    • Primary administrators are those who are ultimately responsible for the site, and one will be identified for each site in question.
    • Secondary administrators are those who the primary administrator has given administrative access. For example, each admissions counselor has administrative access to the admissions Facebook page, but the Director of Admissions is ultimately responsible for the page, and so is considered the primary administrator.
  3. The primary administrator is responsible for the activity that occurs on the site, including ensuring regular content updates.
  4. Bryan College and the organization, club, athletic group, or department represented must be clearly identified in the username and site title. The Marketing Department can provide guidance in naming conventions.
  5. Branding of your site includes what you name it, any link alias, and the image(s) you use to represent the site, all of which must be approved by the Marketing Department whose responsibility it is to ensure that every Bryan College social media site uses branding that represents the college in an excellent manner. Here are several considerations:
    • If you're using the college logo, it needs to follow our usage guidelines.
    • Image must be formatted and uploaded so it displays correctly on the site's thumbnail version.
    • Please note there is a "branding" section on your submission request to facilitate the branding approval process.
    • For Facebook pages, you will need to submit two images for approval: (a) 180x180 profile logo image and (b) 851x315 less than 100KB cover photo.  Please review other approved Facebook images here.
  6. Before beginning a social networking site, written permission must be granted by the Marketing Department as well as the head of the department, club, organization, or athletic team involved.
  7. The Marketing Department must be given full administrative access to each account.
  8. Any content on any site which is found to be in violation of these policies may be removed by the Marketing Department after first going through the appropriate channels.1
  9. Any site that regularly violates these terms and conditions may be terminated by the Marketing Department after first going through the appropriate channels.
  10. Any site that is not under Marketing Department administration and utilizes Bryan's name or logo or the name or logo of any of our athletic teams or organizations may be terminated with the site host (e.g., Facebook, Twitter, etc.) for trademark violation.
  11. The Marketing Department reserves the right to terminate the administrative rights of any person for any violation of these policies and procedures after first going through the appropriate channels.
  12. Content (videos, photos, music, etc.) posted to a social networking site by an administrator may be used by the college for any marketing or fundraising purposes as deemed appropriate by the college. Applicable copyright laws must be observed in postings by administrators. Please visit the college's copyright policy for guidelines.
  13. Content posted on any social networking site must be current, and the site must be updated at least twice monthly. Individual department heads may require more frequent updates.
  14. Administrators may not share information that is confidential and/or proprietary about the College, students or staff, or that would in any way violate the College's privacy policy or FERPA law.
  15. Administrators must be honoring to God and respectful of Bryan College, students, staff, alumni, and the community in their posts and responses to posts. Administrators agree to follow Bryan College's Levels of Response Guide in regards to negative or controversial posts. It is the primary administrator's responsibility to monitor site activity frequently and respond accordingly.
  16. Under no circumstance is Bryan College liable for legal damages as the result of an employee's or student designee's actions associated with a social networking site.
  17. If contacted by the media as a Bryan College representative, an administrator must refer the media to the Director of Public Information.2
  18. In addition to abiding by these terms of service and policies and procedures, administrators must abide by the terms of service of the applicable social media site.
  19. Bryan College reserves the right to change these terms of service and policies and procedures at any time. An updated copy of the terms of service and policies and procedures will be available online.

1"Appropriate channels" is defined herein as the Marketing Department first contacts the site's administrator listed with the Marketing Department.  If the issue is not resolved at that level, then the Marketing Department will contact the Vice President directly responsible for that area, and the VP will direct how the Marketing Department should respond.

2 This references specific Bryan College business and would not ordinarily extend to include contact of an athletic team or student publication.