Theatre Scholarship

Amount Varies
Awarded to students who demonstrate theatrical ability and participate in theatrical productions at Bryan College. Typically, the scholarship recipients major or minor in Theatre. Candidates must audition with the theatre faculty.

The best opportunity to visit campus and audition is by attending one of the 2014 Scholarship Weekend events held on February 21-22 and March 21-22.  For more information about the event or to register, please see the Scholarship Event Details.

Students planning to audition should complete this application and bring it with them when they audition.

The Hilltop Players have been producing plays and musicals for more than 40 years. The Bryan College theatre production team has grown to be a major cultural element of the college as well as the Southeast Tennessee community. Theatre Scholarships are now available both for students who work in front of the curtain as well as those with backstage abilities. Although we encourage students who receive theatre scholarships to major or minor in theatre, it is not a requirement. Many of our most gifted players are majoring in other academic areas.

For more detailed information about the Theatre Program, please click here.