Office of Academics

Dr. Douglas F. Mann, Vice President of Academics and Provost

Douglas F. Mann joined Bryan College in July 2018 as the Vice President of Academics and Provost. He is responsible for the administration of all of the College’s academic programs including the School of Arts and Sciences, the School of Adult and Graduate Studies, and the Vogel School of Engineering. He also is a member of the President’s Executive Cabinet. Dr. Mann earned a Doctor of Philosophy from The University of Georgia (2005), a Master of Arts from Trinity International University (1997), and a Bachelor of Arts from Bryan College (1992).

With a career in higher education spanning more than two decades, Dr. Mann has extensive experience both in teaching and administrative roles. He has taught history for nearly 20 years specializing in European and British Atlantic World Studies. Dr. Mann has also held senior leadership positions including experience in academic planning and assessment, new program development, academic relations, budgets and facilities planning, as well as academic policy development.

Dr. Mann served at Liberty University from July 2006 to July 2018 holding various positions throughout his tenure there. Most recently he operated as Administrative Dean for the graduate programs and also functioned as the Dean of the Graduate School supporting the Provost initiatives with particular focus on the academic administration of programs and compliance with regional and programmatic accreditation. He also worked collaboratively with Deans and Graduate Program Directors to enhance and ensure the quality of graduate and professional education and also to ensure that students received the best possible education experience.

Doug has deep roots at Bryan College. Following the footsteps of his parents who met while they attended Bryan in the 1950s, he came to Bryan in 1988 and completed his studies in 1992 majoring in both History and Bible. While at Bryan he met a math major named Susi Simpson who he later married. He and Susi live in Dayton and have four children: Robert, Andrew, Margaret and Jacob.

Rhonda Kettenring, B.S., Administrative Assistant to the Vice President of Academics and Provost

F. Annette Watt, M.M., Academic Operations Coordinator


Adina L. Scruggs, D.B.A., Associate Vice President of Academics | Dean, School of Professional Studies 

Samuel Youngs, Ph.D., Associate Dean, School of Arts, Humanities and Christian Studies 

Thomas Marshall, Ph.D., Dean, Vogel School of Engineering 


Mary Brown, M.B.A., Director, Bryan College Community School

Gary Fitsimmons, Ph.D., Director of Library Services 

Stacey Gates, B.S., Director of Dual Enrollment

Joshua Hood, M.A., Director of Admissions 

Luke Morris, M.B.A., Director of Career Services

Jack Saunders, B.A., Director of Leadership & Culture

Sunny Simpson, M.S., Director, Academic Success Center

Mandi K. Sullivan, M.Ed., Director of Academic Programs, SPS

Academic Success Center

Sunny Simpson, M.S., Director, Academic Success Center

Linda Hill, Testing Center

Hannah Schultz, J.D., ADA Coordinator


Joshua Hood, M.A., Director of Admissions 

Jordan Betz, M.B.A., Admissions Assistant

Jody L. Cheon, Associate Director of Admissions 

Jenny Fine, B.S., Campus Visit Coordinator Assistant [PT]

Caleb Julin, B.A., Admissions Counselor 

Hannah Ledford, B.A., Admissions Counselor 

Leigha Miller, B.B.A., Senior Admissions Counselor 

Kerrie Murphy, B.A., Campus Visit Coordinator 

Paula Schiffer, M.Ed., Admissions Counselor 

Andrew Smith, B.A., Assistant Director of Admissions 

Angie Stephens, Admissions Assistant

Pat Wesolowski, Homeschool Specialist 

BC Online

Joshua Cash, Admissions Counselor, PT

Tracy Davidson B.A., Admissions Counselor

Donna Eldridge, B.S., Academic Advisor, BC Online

Audrey Henderson, B.S., Administrative Assistant, BC Online

Michael Kennedy, M.A., Coordinator of Military Recruiting

Josie Riggs, B.S., Academic Advisor, BC Online

Bryan Centers

Kevin Clauson, J.D., Director, Center for Faith, Freedom and the Constitution 

Neal A. Doran, Ph.D., Director, Creation Research Center 

Gail Francis, M.S., Director, Ruth Heflin Cofer ASL & Interpretation Center 

K. Daniel Gleason, Ph.D., Director, Center for Undergraduate Research 

Dennis Miller, M.S., Director, Center for International Development

Department Chairs

David Che, Ph.D., Chair, Department of Engineering 

Judson Davis, Ph.D., Chair, Department of Christian Studies & Philosophy 

Benton Jones, M.B.A., Chair, Department of Business, Communication, & Economics 

Kimberly A. Keck, D.M.A, Chair, Department of Performing Arts 

Alice D. Lawrence, Ph.D., Chair, Department of Biology 

Raymond E. Legg, Jr., D.A., Chair, Department of Humanities 

David E. Perron, Ed.D., Chair, Department of Exercise & Health Science 

Clark C. Rose, Ph.D., Chair, Department of Psychology 

Kathryn A. Saynes, Ed.D., Chair, Department of Education 

Lyle Smith, Ph.D., Chair, Department of Mathematical and Physical Sciences 

Faculty Officers

Michael Palmer, M.A., Chair of the Faculty 

Benton Jones, M.B.A, Vice Chair of the Faculty 

Adina Scruggs, D.B.A., Secretary of Faculty 

Daniel Gleason, Ph.D., At Large Member  

Daniel Gates, D.B.A., Representative, SPS

Peter A. Held, Ph.D., ex officio 


Gary Fitsimmons, Ph.D., Director of Library Services 

LaVonne M. Johnson, M.L.S., Public Services Librarian 

Polly E. Revis, B.S., Technological Services Manager

Erin Sanchez, B.S., Library Outreach Technician

Kevin W. Woodruff, M.S.I.S., Special Collections and Projects


Annie Whitlock, B.S., Social Media Manager

Julie York, Marketing Content Coordinator


Janet M. Piatt, M.S.Ed., Registrar

Brenda Wooten, Associate Registrar

Support Staff

Ken Froemke, D.Phil, Special Consultant to the Office of Academics

Brian Heskitt, B.S., Laboratory Technician for Engineering

Erica Holloway, B.A., Administrative Assistant and Events Coordinator

David Kalk, M.B.A., First Year Experience Coordinator [PT]

Steve Paulson, B.S., Lead Instructional Designer

Clark C. Rose, Ph.D.., Faculty Athletic Representative 

Hannah L. Schultz, J.D., Title IX Coordinator/ADA Coordinator 

Jennifer A. Travis, B.S., Coordinator of Field Experiences and Education Specialist